The troupe-boyfriend was in love with the Saudi Prince!

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Vinceca Trump, who loved the Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr., was married to a Saudi prince before getting married. They even wanted to marry. But after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the Twin Tower, all changed. The Saudi king is forced to return to his own country. As a result, this pair could not be reached successfully.

Vicenza, with Saudi Prince Khalid bin Badar bin Sultan Alsaud, loves three years. They lived together. There were also plans for marriage. But 9/11 attacks did not allow this plan to take shape. Because it was revealed that Prince Abdullah's father Badar Bin Sultan al-Assad had intercourse with Al-Qaeda. After the news published by CNN, Yuvraj returned to his home country. Veneca's another love broke. Prior to joining the romance with Prince, Latin King Valentino Rivera and Leonardo Di Caprio had relations with Vincea.
According to a source who knows about this, Page Six, Vincea, who has been with Prince Khalid bin Badar from 1998 to 2001. At that time they stayed together. But after the 9/11 attacks, Yuvraj left for Saudi Arabia after leaving VENSA. They had a very deep relationship. Even the wedding plans were theirs. But the twin tower attack vitiated this plan.
The specific reason for breaking the relationship of VENESA and Khalid is not known. Because Khalid returned to the country after the 9/11 attacks, but his father, Badar Bin Sultan, left the United States. The influential Saudi king has served as the Saudi ambassador to America from 1983 to 2005. He was also very close to US President George Bush. For this reason, the news of his indirect implications for terrorist group Al-Qaeda, which claimed responsibility for the Twin Tower, was not to face any crisis in the United States. However, no one could give any proof of this allegation against him. At that time he said in a statement that "there is no lurking in Saudi Arabia. 9/11 is a terrible event for us all. '
Whatever the reason, no obvious reason is known but this is true, Vincea and Prince Khalid have not reached the love affair. Venacea then married the son of current US President Donald Trump to Trump Jr. She has joined the same family as a royal family. But page six is ​​saying something else. According to the sources, the newspaper said, "Prince Khalid considered VENSA as a queen. His attitude towards Vincea was clear. They were a real couple. They could be seen together for 24 hours in the night. But Donald Trump Junior is just the opposite. He considers Venace as a second-rate citizen. His behavior with the wife is quite kind of trickery. '
However, another source said, "Until the separation in March this year, the relationship between Trump Junior and Vincea was very good. And Vincea had a relationship with Yuvraj, but they did not stay together. There was no plan for their marriage.
Life does not stop. The life of Prince Khalid, like Vince, did not stop. Khalid, currently graduating from Oxford, is currently serving as Saudi ambassador to Germany. Lucy Caroline Cuthbert, the daughter of British elite family married Lucy, the partner of the Duke of Nordemberland.

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