Bill Gates Invests $2 Billion into Tech Startup Reffeed

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The famous business magnate Bill Gates just invested about $2 Billion Dollars into a Tech Startup called Reffeed. Anyone you you ever heard of this company? Well I didn´t until I read the news today & it seems to be something big as he seems to believe that this Startup can shake the worlds economy more than the industrial revolution. So it might actually be a big investment opportunity for all of us as well :)

But what´s Reffeed actually doing to get so much attention and such a big investment from him? Well it seems to be easy to explain as the basically strive to gather data out of all big social media networks in order to predict the actions of people on the stock market. this way they could be able to trade successfully at over 80%, which is ways higher than every dream of the Wall Street guys.

So what do you think about this? Might it be a big thing or just one of those short term hyped Startups?


Source: CNN tech


Watch this space for sure! Thanks for sharing @soeedygonzales

Big Data will rule the world!

It will for sure and it's somehow a bit scary how much you can actually control by having big data. I'm really curious how far it will go and especially, which company will be the one having ghe most power in the end. We've got some interesting times ahead of us bearing huge opportunities for everyone 😉

And even then, who knows what will happen with how quickly things can change. For instance, a new blockchain technology is being developed which will allow people to 'lock up' all data, such as metadata, etc, they leave behind, within the blockchain and only they can access it. So if advertisers want access to your shopping preferences or habits they would have to pay you for access to it through the blockchain.

This would of course wreak havoc upon the big data industry.

It will be interesting to see if they can get it off the ground.

I really like the idea of the private blockchain @nice-guy-eddie. This would definitely be something I'd support instantly as it's not really fair in my eyes that those big data companies just use everything to make money but don't give anything back. Your Data should be your property and like you mention above you should be able to decide what's going to happen with it.

But let's see what the future brings to us. It's definitely a very interesting tim for all of us.

That is a lot even for him.

This looks like a scam

This is definitely a scam. How do we flag or downvote this on Steemit?

BIG TIME SCAM. Please Delete. look them up to see why!

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