This is one tactic Hillary tried using to win but still failed

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     So as a young person I always wondered what its like to vote for president. So this election I was sure there was going to be some rigging and some different tactics to pull as many votes they could in. The a friend of mine showed me this paper him and other people in his Boston apartment complex received in the mail.  It seems to be a guide on how to vote for on election. The I realized it was defiantly showing you more less who and what to vote for targeting an Asian community. Its little tactics like these that just go to show they will try to get votes however. In the end Hillary still lost which is something I really didn't think was going to happen. I support Trump and all but seeings though i wasn't registered to vote i figure I couldn't complain if she did. I also was a little scared when Trump did get voted in because I wasn't really ready for that. After seeing his attitude  since though I am proud to say I think America is in good hands. He seems as though he wants to give the power back to the majority and wont stand for corruption that has been killing our country. One other great thing is Hillary was ready to push for war with Russia and Trump wants to become stronger allies with them. I know alot of people are probably like F Russia but all I have to say to those people is keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. So hopefully Trump can pull the blinders off from peoples eyes. America is a great place where we can all live as we choose and be free. I believe it is ever humans right to live as they please as long as that way doesn't harm others. That is my definition of freedom. As of now though we are living blinded but what our government whats us to see. They control the media they like to control how we think but now with information being spread rapidly through the internet we have the choice to see another view of the world other than what our government decides. We now have the chance to make America great again!!!!!


Thanks out of all of the political stuff I see floating around I hadn't seen how to vote guide presented to a community. I know the guy personally who received this so i figured it was worth sharing some real hard truth. Its the small people like me who take it into our hands to stick the truth out there. Hopefully it shows people that they really do push tactics you may not know about.

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