Daily News Report - World and Technology (12/7/16)

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World News

Are we closer to WWIII than we all know?

Some are asking did NATO delcare war on russia?

If any nation that is part of NATO attacks or is attacked all of the other nations attack or defend with them. This is the agreement that nations of NATO uphold. Turkey is part of NATO and has been attacking Syria for 5 years and has finally declared war with Syria. Russia is backing up Syria claiming Turkey is smuggling ISIS owned oil out of Syria. Others say Russias only interest in Syria is to tie up western powers and try to become more of a superpower nation again. All while trying to gain the respect of surrounding nations as a superpower to create the new Eurasian Union with Russia as its head. The main issue is that U.S. has also been supplying rebel groups and is supported by the European Union in removing Syria’s current government. Meanwhile Iran and Russia support the Syrian government. A rebel force that U.S. has supplied with weapons has already been taken over and killed by ISIS who in turn took the United State supplied weapons.


Brendan Iribe CEO of Oculus talks about how virtual reality can be used for more than just gaming. Their idea is to use vr for doctors to preform surgery and to train doctors in simulation where they can practice techniques in a simulated surgery.

Audi has a new system the syncs with cities traffic data to show traffic signals on the dashboard including a countdown timer in real-time to show you when the lights will change.

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