Twitter Will Not Display Political Ads

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Jack Dorsey, CEO of microblogging website Twitter, has decided to stop all political advertising on its platform globally. Jack Dorsey has also made some tweets for this. Dorsey has explained the reason behind this decision. He has stated that such advertisements were dominating on the Internet and were proving to be very effective for commercial advertisers. For business advertisements, it can still be called fine, but in politics it can be a big risk.

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Twitter has stated that from November 22 onwards, any political campaign will be banned. However, Twitter has said that in this regard, detailed information will be given on 15 November. However, after this decision of Twitter, many political parties and politicians are objecting to it. The largest platforms for political advertising include companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. These companies globally have tried to bring transparency in the process of releasing data for political advertisements. Dorsey said that we need more rules for political advertising which is quite difficult.

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