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Blocked by An Open Secret

With just one tweet, I was once again blocked from a twitter account. This time it was an account that I have been following for about a year. Speaking in New York terms that even Donald Trump would approve of, an account that I thought was on the up-and-up.


The sad part about it, we are talking about a subject that causes heated debates and polarization all over the internet and beyond. Child sexual abuse. An Open Secret didn’t even give me the time of day. I was hoping for some kind of dialog, instead they blocked me instantly. But it’s not about me, it’s about the subject matter. You would think that everyone could pull together and work towards putting an end to it, even if we don’t agree on everything.

Blocking people right away doesn’t further a collective cause, it divides instead. Of course it makes you question if that isn’t just what’s intended? Although I can understand blocking unrelenting trolls, this was my very first communication with this account and I was not trolling in the least. In fact, it was an account I respected and retweeted on occasion, and even shared the movie An Open Secret online and with friends and family to spread awareness.

The following is a screenshot-laden run-down of a chain of brazen Tweets and subsequent research into the reason for being blocked. I discovered that one of the producers for the movie An Open Secret, Gabe Hoffman, is a hedge fund manager whos company address it at 666 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10022, has approx. $233M in AUM, and whos other affiliations are pharmaceutical companies. While that of course isn’t a crime, it’s odd, to say the least. And that isn’t the only thing that’s odd. See what ensued…



Mrs. Weingart has interesting details:



I’ve come to this conclusion for myself, I don’t need a movie to see what’s going on. Anyone with the will to learn more and with minimal research skills can find out. It's also not only child abuse and Hollywood we are dealing with. We are dealing with systematic ritual abuse on a grand scale, and it's hidden in plain sight. Just open your eyes.













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If you didn't source this article so well, I'd assume you were a massive bagholder of EOS. ;)


Maybe it's both? ;)


Highly rEsteemed!

A very interesting turn of events.

Thanks for posting this; after watching An Open Secret, I did a lot of research into this. Very interesting.

Zero credibility after this crazy stunt. Makes you wonder about the documentary. We'll see if any distancing statements are made.

Glad to see you follow Nathan, I like his opinions they are balanced and thought out; if not initially he is open to new information and changes his mind when necessary.
This is a shame, I would assume that this is another psy op run account. The points you made were valid and worth discussing but immediate blocks beg ulterior motives of why you were blocked. Keep up the pressure on this!