Blockchain and Bourbon [Google Bans, Decentralized Playboy, John Oliver on Blockchain, How to Name a Crypto]

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Letting our Hair Down

Join us on DTube for our first episode of “Blockchain and Bourbon!” We, @voronoi and @hansikhouse, chat about the most recent news in the blockchain space while having a glass of local spirits. This week, we look at the recent events concerning crypto advertising on Google, Playboy’s partnership to use Vice tokens, John Oliver’s full-feature report on the crypto space, and a training session on how you can name a new cryptocurrency.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we welcome everyone to share interesting stories you would like discussed on the channel. Steem on!

Links to all the articles mentioned:
John Oliver segment on "Cryptocurrency"

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You should do this more often. It's more personal and less informal. Interesting topics covered over a glass of Brooklyn bourbon. Wondering what it will be next week?


Well, what catches my interest the most here is the advert ban by Google. I have been wondering what their reason could be. Facebook banned a long time ago, Google decided to follow and now I hear rumires that Twitter also wants to join.whats their problem actually???


Becaus most of cryptos ads are scams

two critical issues i would really love to listen to.

I would have wished for a feedback from the audience kinda program, where we can ask questions. E.g, what are the chances the ban of cryptocurrency on google ad poses for the market? as well as a few more questions.

lemme grab a drink while I join on youtube.

Thanks for sharing @sndbox

We found the event interesting on two counts. One, it gave us a chance to clarify where we think blockchain is going in the immediate future. Second, it was a good sounding board for discussions on some of the larger blockchain trends we think will be of interest during the coming year.

very fun guys, and I like the look at current events in the crypto world. I think next time I'll pull up a glass of something too while I watch ... my mouth was watering!

Had fun watching this while getting educated on some of these hot crypto-related news. I was thinking about pouring myself some bourbon if it's not 9 in the morning in Manila at the time of watching. Enjoyed it over a cup of coffee instead.

Facebook's and Google's ban on crypto ads can be a real opportunity to get people who wish to keep updated on cypto into Steemit.

Hahaha love this.. we are connected guys.. in there Bourbon and in here Red Wine at the same time.

Cheers for Sndbox!

I came because of the Crypto, and stayed because of the Bourbon.

This is such an excellent concept, I love it!

Well let Google and Co ban crypto, all I know is that the future of cryptocurrencies depends on us, it is either we defeat them or the conspirators walk over us. The choice is ours.

Good post, i like the name, good idea... see you around

There is some very important news that google ban all kinds of crypto ads,but will they be able to stop crypto i din't think so.Decentralized Playboy with vice tokens is i think a good move.When enemy is trying to destroy crypto then it is needed to spread all over the world by various way.Naming a crypto is very difficult to me because i am very confused about choosing any name.Thank's for sharing this post.@upvoted

Googles banning of cryptos is all about to secure their own business interest because they see cryptos as a threat to their very existence. Cryptos gonna surely bounce back. Thanks


Catchy title. Blockchain and bourbon is perfect.
I didn’t know that John Oliver had a segment of crypto. Good news for mainstream awareness.

Some very important topics under the circumstances.America is trying to stop crypto to maintain their supremacy but it's high time for them to realize that now it's time to adopt some new currency system.By creating different kinds of problem you cant stop crypto.Crypto will rule the world in near future.@upvoted and resteemed

If James Cameron created his own cryptocurrency, he would call it Unobtainium.

You people have discussed about some burning issue here.Let's just hope and pray that all the problems solve.Making a complete new cyber world for the block chain technology is must now.If we are able to do that then it will be impossible to stop crypto currency.@upvote and resteem

Hey, my name is M3, and I'm giving you an upvote, and a subscribe. Me and my community of followers are trying to kill YouTube, and make DTube bigger and better than any other video site. YouTube doesn't reward creators like they deserve, so we're all helping each other out. Anyway, keep going! What we're doing really is the way of the future.``

Terima kasih telah berbagi @sndbox

Blockchain and bourbon. I understand one of those ;)