Raekwon The Rapper From Wutang Enters Crypto - Are Celebrities Starting To Sit Up And Take Notice?

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Floyd Mayweather seems to be the first celeb taking full advantage of the Crypto Craze, posting instagram images on instagram such as these:

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 3.09.04 PM.png

While this has been debunked that a large media group is driving his recent bout of ICO interest, there are other celebs that are taking a deeper interest and even joining the boards of High Profile Cryptocurrencies such as The Game with Forma Miss IOWA's Paragon Coin:

Another famous social influencer that got many of his fan base into Ethereum is *Dan Bilzerian with an Instagram shout few months ago telling his followers he just bought a "Shit load of Bitcoins!".

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 3.32.37 PM.png

And now there seems to be one more...

Today Raekwon, from Wu-tang clan, tweeted asking Snoop Dogg if he would be picking up some SMOKE in this distribution phase!!
Is this the start of a West Coast / East Coast Cannabis thing... ?


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Who next? Doug Benson? Trailer park boys?

Raising awareness is definitely the way forward for crypto. World domination cometh. The description of 'digital gold/silver' is certainly apt, especially if one strikes the right balance in the portfolio. Everyone should have some - even if only as a hedge. Celebrities, Banks and Hedge-funds should be no exception.

That might be the PR break you need to get things cranking since the traditional media route is snubbing you. Looking forward to your next update.

I think these celebrities have seen the overwhelming potential in crypo.
In a short while some will also join Steemit which will be awesome.
We shall be waiting for them.

This will spread awareness to the people around the globe. The more people to adopt crypto the biggest chance its price get

Nice to see celebrities supporting crypto, this will definately increase exposure and get more peole involved, thanks for sharing!!!

I here a lot of A-List celebs are getting into cryptos. Good for them, probably will make crypto even worth more.

Raekwon Raekwon Da Chef tweeted @ 30 Aug 2017 - 15:10 UTC

'yo @SnoopDogg, you copping some SMOKE coins so we can compete with @thegame's Paragon coin? #ICO #bitcoin smoke.network

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Ask yourself, why are they celebrities?

Crypto WILL be the future....now that Money Mayweather is involved crypto HAS to be the future.

Everyone will know soon. Not all will understand. But its cool.

Haha, ok, so I am not sure what to think. On one hand it's good that crypto gets publicity. On the other hand, these celebrities are hardly experts and likely to get their 'followers' to invest in terrible coins..

In this case, It's not a 'terrible coin' being promoted :P

Uh... from what I can tell SMOKE coins are almost identical to STEEM's blockchain, with the main difference being you can post anything on Steem but SMOKE is for posting weed reviews.

Sounds like it's

  1. a lot smaller userbase than Steem, only weed enthusiasts
  2. Why use Smoke instead of Steem, since both networks are uncensored
  3. Why would anybody buy Smoke tokens as an investor? What will holding Smoke tokens do? Why will Smoke tokens go up in price?

As far as I can tell, this coin completely qualifies as a crap coin :P
And that is coming from a marijuana enthusiast.

We have half a million fans on Facebook that will never most likely never move to Steemit (Or very few will). Why? Because you can post anything on Steem. (And they feel intimidated, secluded and a whole host of other reasons. . . ) Sure, this could work using Steem, but would it work as well or allow us to drive adoption in a world of Weedmaps and Massroots. (By giving away free SMOKE on signup to the app, or driving a stoner community that all have a common goal) ..? Probably not.

Oh I am sure there are people who'd be interested in using the app to look up reviews. I'm just not sure what the purpose of buying Smoke tokens is and how they are a good investment for the future. Unless they're intended to be used to buy weed, in which case it may be a good idea short term but you'll be running into law enforcement everywhere so not a good idea long term.

Also don't confuse Steem with Steemit. Steemit is built on top of STEEM. A lot of other things can be built on top of STEEM, like D-Tube or Zappl. A weed review site could be similarly built on top of STEEM, without having to subject users to Steemit. Not only would this greatly enhance ease of implementation, but also there are the benefits of joining the Steem ecosphere.

They are not to be intended for cannabis sales (though people could use it for this use case) ..

The investment aspect is similar to investments into Steemit. You gain voting weight and vest into the project.

While we agree this can be built on top of Steem blockchain, such as the services you have mentioned, Smoke.Network is not agnostic such as those services. (And as such would not gain as much support or be able to grow at the rate needed to take network effect away from centralized services such as Leafly. )

We would need witnesses that had an alignment with our project. And are somewhat hindered by that in some ways.

We do plan to add to the Steem, (and BTS) ecosystem until we have ported over to EOS.

Thank you for the interest and support.

Uff, love Raekwon from back in the day, but these potcoins make no sense to me. Not only that, but surely we all already know Paragon coin is a plain and simple scam?

The smoke network makes quite a lot of sense, it is going to pretty much be like steem but for cannabis content on the EOS network, evading all current issues with advertising related to cannabis. Looking forwards to its release.


I think the Kayne West coin should come back.

Raekwon da Chef was all about hustling since he first started as a rapper. From drug money to crypto.

Amazing stuff, new to your page just followed.. rolling a gram now!

Nice. What are you rolling fam?

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