Go out and fill all your gas tanks today, there will be a gas shortage in the next few days.

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The largest pipeline company in the US, has been cyber attacked, and has been forced to shut down to contain the damage. So we loose the two point five million barrels a day transport ability, they have been supplying.

There is a hidden danger here, when the pipeline stops pumping; the tank farms, begin to fill up. Since refineries use crude reflow to cool the process, when the tank farms fill up; the refinery itself must be turned off, which will take a day. Restoring the process takes several days, if everything works perfectly.

When I worked pipeline, we worked until it was running again; to avoid a forced shutdown. The computer controls I added, were not as invasive as modern controls. They also were not as accessible, and with dedicated hard wired lines; weren't subject to external sources of attacks.

Within about 5 days (depending on fill levels in the tank farms), the refineries will be forced to shut down. This will force a significant expansion of the service interruption, and raising gas prices overnight.

It sounds to me like China is trying some international cyber bullying. It only remains for the puppet biden to blame Russia, for a proper boogie-man.

So fill your gastanks, before the gas station
pumps draw on empty storage tanks! It will take time to restore control to these systems, if they did their sabotage correctly!

I would have reset the run pressures to more pressure than the pipe can survive, erased site specific safety data, reset the modens to their lowest vaud rate, erased all memories, and password protected the changes with a random character password.

I'm sure that the actual work was worse than that!

They were smart to stop all of it, before it exploded! As it is, every pump station must be repaired, and they don't have enough repair parts for the entire pipeline system. A pipeline is like the old Christmas lights, they ALL must run for oil to flow!

They will strip the crude collection pipelines to repair the product lines, but this only kicks the can down the road. This is betting that they have enough crude in tanks already to run their refineries, while they fix the crude gathering side....

It is likely that all the pump stations (boosters) will need to be stripped of controls to be returned to the manufacturers for a total refurbishment! Then the manufacturer's JIT (just in time) production method, thanks to government taxes on invrntory; will limit the repairs to what they can get from their vendors in china! Since china is likely the source of this cyber attack, parts will be SLOW in coming....

Next, their employee biden will release the strategic reserve, to mitigate a problem caused by his employer; by crippling our military forces!

How the dominoes fall....

Bottom line, better fill up the gas cans too!


Hello there sir, good to be back on your posts. I will try to be a regular now.
Every new day has a new problem, isn't it? I hope this gas shortage gets sorted soon

The root cause is the liberals in charge today. They want power, and control; at any costs! Their stated goal is gas at 200% of the existing high price, intending to limit travel among their servants (known as citizens). They are Facists, and refuse to stop until they control Everything!

They will either win totally, or be shot by those they disdain....


This, the hunger for power, the greed of taking control over everything is ruining every part of the world sadly.

I really hope we can one day have a world that has nothing of it

All of these problems, are of their Father Satan! As long as they do his bidding, we will have trouble.


Don't worry, this will not last forever, good days will come too, and I hope they come sooner than later

Yes, they can't lie, cheat, and steal forever! Some day they will go to jail, where they belong.


Yes, I hope one day we can get away with them and the world can be a better place without them

They're threatening violence on Patriots over here, if that happens; we may well do without them, permanently!

And I do agree the world would be a better place without liberals. They always say one thing and do a different thing, then they blame everybody else for what happens!