The Game Awards 2017 Giveaway STARTS IN 1:30'' from now TUNE IN for GAME airdrops.

in news •  11 months ago

"Watch The Game Awards on Steam for a chance to win.
How to participate?
Participation is easy! Simply watch The Game Awards 2017 live broadcast on Steam when it starts 8 Dec @ 3:30am.

Each logged in, non-limited Steam account will receive one entry per draw while watching the broadcast. Steam will randomly choose 150 lucky winners from eligible participants every 15 minutes . Each winner will receive a game they do not own from the remaining prizes (listed below). The game will automatically appear in the winner's Steam library. The random draws will continue until the broadcast ends.

No purchase is necessary. An alternative method of entry is described in the giveaway rules under the '2.2 Alternative Entry via Post' section."



Visit this link to see the games you are elligable to win for watching the stream.

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