Tattoos You Can Listen To: Augmented Reality Will Make Your Tattoo Audible!

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Augmented Reality has conquered yet another part of our lives!

Tattoos are something special and unique, some tattoos hold deep meanings, some are tiny and intricate, others stretch across whole body parts or were created as a joke or out of a sudden spontaneous idea.

Now imagine a tattoo that you could actually listen to - this would add a whole other dimension to meaningful tattoos, and creates a lot of opportunities.

The LA-based startup Skin Motion has created the first tattoos that can be heard through the augmented reality feature of a smartphone app.

Skin Motion can create soundwave tattoos that hold up to 1 minute of audio, which can be played with the Skin Motion App.

Soundwave tattoos have been around for quite some time and many people choose them to "encode" a personal message - but these tattoos could never actually be heard.

Whether it's the voice of a loved one, part of a song, or a memory of someone who passed away - the different uses for these audible soundwave tattoos would be near endless.

Soundwave Tattoos are the first product by Skin Motion. Our app creates tattoo designs from audio that can be played back and shared using the Skin Motion app. The Skin Motion app is currently in development and is scheduled for release in June 2017. Our patent pending technology creates personalized augmented reality tattoo experiences like never before.

-Skin Motion

How does it work?

On their website, Skin Motion explains that the recorded audio file gets uploaded to their app.
The soundwave is then being generated based on the recording.
Next, the customer takes the soundwave to a certified tattoo artist - Skin Motion needs to license specific tattoo artists first to ensure that every one of these soundwaves tattoos is created with high quality and the artist is informed about all necessary requirements.
Once the tattoo is completed, a picture of it is then uploaded to the app, where it's synced with the audio recording.

So from now on, whenever the user opens the app and scans the tattoo, it gets recognized and the app plays back the audio.

Skin Motion even stated that they are planning for the app to play pre-existing soundwave tattoos too!

Although this wasn't part of their original business idea, many people with existing soundwave tattoos asked if their app would be able to replay their sounds as well.
The company aims to release their app in June 2017 and slowly grow their network of licensed tattoo artists around the world.
Since footage of this idea have gone viral, almost 10,000 applicants have already signed up to a waiting list and will get their audible tattoo as soon as the app gets released.


What do you think about this innovation - would you get an audible soundwave tattoo?

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I've decided on John Cage's 4'33''.


what fuck is this???


Haha, it's MUSIC, bruh!


Hahahaha. Let's get several dozen of us to get tattoos of corresponding instruments.


There is no music in the video.

Yessss,yesss, me, meeeeee, me want this!!!😂

Say what?


haha this is so cool

it almost seems as if Baci was saying "i wuuuuv youuuuu" at the time and now he's like ecstatic cuz she's actually saying it back to him in dog howly language! lol


Invisible tattoos next. You can't see untill you hover your phone over it.

I would totaly do this to troll my friends :D

Voll geil man:-))))))))

Yes amanzing:-)))))

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I love this idea. This actually reminds me of something we were going to start offering to our maternity portrait clients. Not a tattoo, but a hanging canvas with a print of the waveform for the sound of something like the baby's heartbeat if they happened to record it, or perhaps a child's first word.


really good idea....

Now this is what i call AI emerging.

thats freaking awesome! thats one of the greates Idea I heard and see.


I agree it's an awesome idea, it creates so many possibilities for creative tattoos!


exactly and is unique and original and the idea of recording a messege and the voice of a love once thats a huge plus!

Could this be used for images that aren't tattoos? For example, a painting on canvas, or other forms of art?

interesting technology...

I got my first and only tattoo 10 years ago during an emotional crisis (I had been dumped a few weeks prior). I still remember the tattoo-guy saying “welcome to the club dude, this is not going to be your last one”. Well, he didn’t get it right. I might be done with tattoos for the moment but I still think that this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently. Thank you for the post! :)

That is hell of cool! I'd like to share this with local tattoo shops and see what they think of it haha!

Crazy!!! But I want one hehe

Hooolly shit!

David icke knew this very years ago.

I've seen this floating around facebook. Really interesting use of technology. The dog howl example is just mind blowing, amazing way to pay tribute to your best friend.


Yes the dog example was special - using the waveform in such a clever way to create both an image and a soundwave is brilliant!

How crazy!! It would be so sweet to have a personal message that you could play any time. For some reason I thought I head that you don't actually have to see the ink in order to have the sound tattoo but in these it seems like you do see the ink.

WHAT. I've never heard of this before. What a cool concept, keepsakes all over your body.

This is really a sweet way to memorialize a sound!

Wow how cool is that?

So awesome! Thanks for the share

What?!! This is sick!!!

Technology yet again blowing more minds. I wonder if I can put my record on my girlfriends back...

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Ya habia visto algo de esto... de verdad excelente!! Muy buen post

Jeez.....this is creepy.
Why in the World will my tattoo speak to me?
Okay you got me @sirwinchester , i'm off to bed.


A picture says more than a thousand words, so a tattoo -a permanent picture- speaks even more 😉
Glad that you enjoyed the post, good night.

I want a tattoo of this kind
But "Save sound file" will be a problem