Un curioso efecto óptico en esta foto | Lo que no esperarías es conseguir más 44.000 “me gusta” y 8.000 “retuits”.

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That is precisely what has happened to Marisol Villanueva, an 18-year-old girl from Granada who has become the new viral star after hanging this:


Because the floor is the same color as the vertical line of the pants, an optical effect is produced; It seems that the girl has two extremely thin legs. Actually it's just one leg! (You can see the foot of the other peeking a little further back)

"I'm living my five minutes of fame," the girl commented after seeing the Internet's reaction to her pants. The magazine Teen Vogue has dedicated an article (if I already have trouble extending the news I do not even want to imagine how it should be to create more than 500 words with this story) and some have made jokes comparing it with the famous Gru's design.

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