TRAI has given call logs, SMS access to DND app

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced 'Call Log' and 'SMS' in every mobile handset to run mobile apps like 'Do-Not-Disturb' (DND) between the stand-offs with the Apple-making company Apple. Has proposed to make the access of the app mandatory. This has made it a provision in its proposed regulation of troubling calls, because it is necessary to have access to both of them to run the DND app.

TRAI said, "All network providers will have to ensure that all the devices registered on their network provide the necessary access to the app providing the DND services." This proposal is proposed in Section 6 of the Telecommunications Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation -2012. That all telecom service providers have to manage the complaints of customers against the harassing calls.

In order to register a complaint against this type of call or SMS, the user will have to provide information about that number, time and objective of the call, which he is disturbed. TRAI has introduced an app to relieve consumers with annoying calls and SMS. This app identifies the disturbing numbers of consumers with call logs and SMS boxes. Therefore access to call logs and SMS is mandatory for this to run. Apple is the only company that has denied access to call logs or SMS on its handset. However, Apple has not responded to the questions sent in this regard so far.


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