Telephone subscribers in the country increased to 120.6 million

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According to data released by the Indian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRAI) on Wednesday, the number of telephone subscribers in the country was more than 120.6 million at the end of March this year. According to TRAI figures, there were 117.98 million telephone users in India in February.

In this way, in March, the number of telephone subscribers in the population increased by 2.24%. In urban areas, there were 66.96 million telephone subscribers in February, which increased to 68.16 crore in March.

At the same time, in rural areas, the telephone subscriber population in February was 51.02 crores, which increased to 52.46 crores in March.

Telephone density in India was 90.89 in February, which increased to 92.84 in March. The total wireless subscriber base (GSM, CDMA and LTE) was 115.68 crores in February, which increased to 118.34 crores in March. There was an increase of 2.29 percent monthly. Wireless tele density (wireless telephone density) increased from 89.12 to 91.09. But the landline phone subscriber base fell from 229.7 lakh in February to 228.1 lakh in March.


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