Jordan Sather (Destroying The Illusion) Banned from YouTube and Facebook

in news •  last year  (edited)

Jordan Sather (Destroying The Illusion) creates excellent videos about health, alternative medecine, alternative science, the secret space program and the globalist agenda.

He was banned from livestreaming on YouTube for 90 days after pointing out anomalies in the recent Florida (Parkland) shooting, and interviewing Isaac Green (Anti School) whose YouTube account was terminated for the same reason.

There is a massive crackdown at the moment on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter targetting people questioning the official shooting narrative and commenting/analysing the Q posts on 8chan.

Please support Jordan. His handle is @jaysather.

Update 02/27/2018:

His YouTube channel Destroying The Illusion was terminated on the 26th. He opened a new channel: Destroying The Illusion 2.0.

Update 02/28/2018:

It seems he won't post on Steemit and DTube for the time being. For now he's re-uploading old videos on his new YouTube channel and also on his recently created BitChute channel.

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