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RE: BREAKING: John McCain MISSING IN DC After He’s Busted Committing MASSIVE Felony

in #news3 years ago

Don't know why but I have a suspicion this might just be fake news :) It looks like even if it was true, he wouldn't end up in "the slammer". I don't like him much but I think he should be left to deal with his health problems.


I think this is real because we all break laws that we don't even know were breaking. First you gain ground so he ran than get a plan and return so i think he is planing his rebuttal.

I don't think he running anywhere because he had brain cancer and the prognosis wasn't good. Doesn't matter what crime he is alleged to of committed, he probably wouldn't be prosecuted, if he only has a short time to live. I know people hate him but sometimes you have to look beyond politics. It looks like this man has enough to deal with already.

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