A Word of Caution to the "Conspiracy Theorists"

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About 24 hours ago, a terrible tragedy happened in Las Vegas—it is cited as the worst mass shooting in US history. I can’t begin to imagine what those involved went through and I hope that trauma of this event passes soon.

But, in the pursuance of truth and freedom, we need to have a discussion.

Let me start by saying that I used to be a conspiracy theorist, and still have no trust whatsoever in the corporate whore media, as well as, obviously, the State. Hell, Liberty Under Attack Radio was founded in the conspiratorial spirit, although it remains in a completely different form now.

I also dislike the mostly derogatory label of “conspiracy theorists.” As I understand it, the term was first put forth in 1967 by the CIA, intended to discredit anyone who questioned the JFK assassination.

I remember the Boston Bombing like it was yesterday and not because I was there. Rather, I spent all of my time for a few days watching mainstream media reports and listening to Alex Jones (AJ).

I knew it was a false flag. The evidence seemed to be insurmountable, yet, myself and others who pointed this out were invariably demonized by the statist-servile society, and, for me personally, I think some family members and friends reduced me to some kook.

The evidence continued to stack up and I proceeded to point out the bleeding obvious—it didn’t matter. One family member was even an AJ listener at the time and saw many of the same inconsistencies in the narrative that I saw—yet, he still voted for Trump, still watches Faux News constantly, and his belief in the State seems to be the same as it was then.

All that said, the point is this: I was one of you and there have certainly been real (or attempted) false flag attacks—the declassified Operation Northwoods document is just one example of such an attempt.

But, as the mainstream media has to have known for some time, the truth isn’t what matters. What matters is public perception. Distrust in mainstream media has been falling, sure, but the majority of Americans still turn to them for the news—they don’t have a whole lot of other options (if any), and these networks, as well as the government, have trained them to be weary of “bloggers” and the alternative media, if these options even have the financial capital to be there on the ground and reporting on these events.

As I used to be, I have no doubt that many of these “conspiracy theorists” are well-intentioned. But, at the same time, I also have no doubt that some are disinformation and misinformation agents, with the sole intention of discrediting whatever truth there may be in the arguments made in favor of such-and-such event being a false flag.

For those in the statist-servile society who may see some problem(s) with the narrative, they have to wade through a bunch of bullshit to find anything resembling the truth—it’s a great tool of deterrence, since mainstream media has the money and the “celebrities” to look credible, even though they aren’t.

Getting to the point, here are the words of caution I would put forth to those who, for whatever reason, believe an event to be a false flag; this isn’t a comprehensive list, but more so my initial thoughts:

1) There are those folks on my Facistbook friends list that will label (and, try unsuccessfully) to prove that EVERY violent event is a false flag. Since these folks’ lives are 100% directed by the news cycle, once the event is done being discussed, they stop reporting on it too. There are many individuals in this world that don’t respect property rights and self-ownership and still some that have mental issues.

Yes, of course, the State is evil and their media cohorts are unreliable—that goes without saying. Even when the media uses it for their own political agenda, it doesn’t therefore mean it was “fake”, nor were there “crisis actors,” or whatever.

No one likes “the boy that cried wolf,” and when an actual real false flag comes across, people likely won’t take you seriously.

2) Just as the both sides of the media have their biases, so do you. If you’re on the left, you’re likely to assume (and accept) any evidence that fits your agenda—“It’s just a crazy right-wing Trump supporter.”

If you’re on the right, you’re likely to assume (and accept) any evidence that fits yours—“It’s just one of those American-hating Antifa members!”

Again, it goes without saying that the media has bias; but YOU do too. Be more critical of evidence that comes across your feed and ask for and verify the documentation before you share it. This leads into #3.

3) Unverified information (i.e. disinformation/misinformation) is a net loss for everyone. For the mainstream media watcher, your claim (or the post you shared) may be so ridiculous that they dismiss any contrary evidence that they may come across in the future.

In addition, that false information tends to spread across the Internet like wildfire and actually wastes a bunch of time and effort for those pursuing the truth of an event. As the great Bill Cooper said:

“Read everything, listen to everybody, [but] believe nothing unless you can prove  it with your own research.”

For those seeking the truth, there’s nothing worse than coming across a claim, spending hours looking into it, only to find out it was unsubstantiated. Do yourself and others a favor and put in the journalistic effort required to be a part of the alternative media.

I’m sure there are many more points I could put in this list, but this is meant to highlight the few issues I’ve come across in my work in the alternative media for the past five years.

For me personally, I consistently strive to understand the world around me and spend a ton of work and time in that pursuit. That was honestly what inevitably led me to pursue more fruitful ventures outside of so-called “conspiracy theories”.

Although, I still understand and value those who put themselves out there to expose the lies and the narrative of the corporate media whores and the State; this article isn’t meant to discourage you.

Rather, I hope it serves as a friendly reminder—just because the corporate whore media doesn’t uphold their journalistic integrity doesn’t mean you aren’t obligated to uphold yours. People read your posts and listen to your content. It is your prerogative to ensure you are doing your due diligence in vetting information.

What do you think should be added to this list? Let me know!

Shane is the founder of Liberty Under Attack and host of LUA Radio, a once-weekly podcast released every Sunday; he also does The Vonu Podcast, which is released every Tuesday. He is a free market anarchist committed to providing solutions to his listeners and readers, so that they can create the freedom they desire in their own lives, RIGHT NOW, despite the State.

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