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President Trump, white knight patriots in the military and Q VS the deep state, Clinton-DNC-FBI-DOJ which have been exposed for their collusion and treachery. Which in turn has caused the media and the Traitors to double down on their crimes and the cover up. It has never been more clear that we ARE AT WAR with these monsters, and the revolution is NOW. Frank from the Quite Frankly podcast joins me to discuss.

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LUKE 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Thank YOU for tuning in.

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we did up vote and resteem for all to see

Thank YOU for tuning in and upvoting. God Bless.


Sean this is me ronshekelson. the link doesn't work in the comment section. I'm also friends with Frank bacon. I don't know him well but he gives me some upvotes. Please go look at my blogs. I made about 20 of them. Read some of the comments too. God bless

Nice job mixing a Biblical quote with the exposing of DNC corruption. The truth will come out and justice will be doled out. Thanks for your brave work to expose difficult truths.

Thank You, Great post.

@sgtreport I don't mind if the Govt. Shuts Down FOREVER......................


Government is evil. Support for government is ridiculous. People who believe the Constitution will save them are expressing traumatic signs of Stockholm Syndrome.

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