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"We have a demonic force that is taking over."

Deborah Tavares exposes the trans humanist genocidal plan to drastically reduce the US population through globalist policies including UN Agenda 21, smart cities, 5G and directed energy weapons. The scope and horror of what is unfolding will leave you seething with anger. But it's not too late - if we educate our friends and neighbors and take action to stop this madness, now.

Visit Deborah's site for all of her latest information.

LUKE 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Thank YOU for tuning in.

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Sean, Great to see you have Deborah on and covering UN Agenda 2030. Deborah covers extremely well the key deceptions and attacks that the globalists are implementing right now. Thanks for getting her exposure to your audience to share the truth of what the Luciferians are up to.

There are so many fronts to fight on, I think we really need more than anything to be honest with ourselves first and foremost. Take responsibility without depending on someone or something else to save the day. So many of us are kept busy just coping with everyday work and survival that the time to grow and develop and pay attention to our own vibrations is limited.
Even hanging on to hope can be de-energizing. Thank god we have warriors, keep on keepin' on.


It's the elitist plan. Make us work all week, have just enough money to pay our rent and groceries, let the state raise your child and indoctrinate them while you are drowning in debt. The plan to kill the family has truly worked. Great analysis, I will follow you and I hope you can follow me!

I hope you don’t mind if I resteem. This needs to get out! I am deeply appreciative of your work, brother. Don’t ever stop. Fight the good fight! 1 Timothy 6:12-14

Your interviews NAIL it. Every single time. So much respect.

"We have a demonic force that is taking over."

In my opinion, their grip is losing strength,
and the people are beginning to rise up (not just wake up).

Thank you for all your good work Sean, Resteemed.

Another great video by SGTREPORT. All I can say is keep up the good work of exposing this material out for all to be informed.

Thanks for posting on Deborah Tavares and the fight against Agenda 21 genocide! Upvoted and Resteemed. Thanks for all you do SGTReport!

I’m fortunate to be living by the Great Lakes region . But if I may , people are just not doing enough to get away from BIG ENERGY . Solar panels and wind mills should be on every home but people say things like “they look ugly”⁉️ To me nothing would look better then a low energy bill . And wind and sun don’t cost anything . You just have to harness the energy . I’m working on a project to get anyone their own portable wind mill . Based on an old toy The Pin Wheel My design can be carried anywhere , and would set up in minutes . I know I sound like a commercial but I don’t want to be the only one with this knowledge so I’ll give you the design Idea . Any motor with a stator is a generator of electricity this would be revolving assembly mostly found in fans . Now stand up fans offer a great generator because they already have a stand and bladed fan , now all you need is a transformer and batteries . Do the research on what types of transformers and batteries to get . I like the gel batteries , they seem to last longer and acid up less . Now this is a little more then re-wiring a lamp , but you can do it 👍 Get your own little victory garden for we throw a TON of good composting materials away everyday . You got a smoker 🚬 tell’em to field strip that butt for FILTERS ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE ❗️Field stripping means tear the filter to pieces and allow the paper and tobacco to go into the composter and a lot of people don’t know filter don’t degrade . Five gallon buckets are cheap at the HomeDepot and they have sealable screw tops for like $7 , so $3 for the bucket and you can store tons of things in them like rice , beans , macaroni elbows etc etc etc . HINT = Do not use stay dry packets on things like sugar , salt , flour . Must find netted material like a dollar store netted laundry bag and form a bag and put unsalted crackers in them . This is the best way to keep such things in storage for a long time . Now remember salt and sugar have no shelf life’s , but rice and pasta do at about 25 years . And you don’t even have to buy your own solar panels there are companies that will lease to own . hope that would help for it is our Christian duty to try to help and not stand aimlessly bye while the world desennds into LUCIFARIAN CHAOS . It is our duty to FIGHT❗️In any way , everyday 24/7 =365 and 366 on a leap year . We never give up and we pick up our sword and shield put on GODS ARMOR and tell those goat loving ignorant bastards that goats are for GYROS ❗️GOD bless and great show 👏👍✌🏼♥️👊🏻

Thank you for sharing!

Why does Deborah Tavares persist in laying blame at the feet of the Rothschild Hofjuden family? Surely she knows that banksters work for the Vatican, the Jesuits and their overlords the Black Nobility.
Anyone who stops their research at the level of banksters is misleading us..... and if they will mislead us about something as fundamental as the pyramid of power, then how much more of what she says is mind controlling us to believe a crock of shit?
Research the Black Nobility and understand that Hofjuden are just one layer of the employees that have been used by the occulted Roman Empire for 2,000 years.