Mark Zuckerberg doubles down on universal basic income after a trip to Alaska

in news •  last year

During his commencement speech at Harvard, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for exploring a system of wealth distribution known as "universal basic income."

Under basic income, all citizens would receive a standard amount of money each month to cover basic expenses like food, rent, and clothes. Advocates say the system is one of the surest ways to lift people from poverty, since it would provide immediate assistance with no strings attached.

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Hey @sassal.. Thanks for sharing this post. Didn't know there was something like it in actual existence. 👍

its such a tough issue, its borderline communism, unless we go full star trek...but human nature is a function of reward.


Communism would work perfectly if humans were... different :P


Yeah, as a citizen of a former communist county I know. The only problem with communism is people.

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