The Google Globalism Gulag

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The puzzling switch in the corporate motivation of Google seems confusing on the surface. But if you dig deeper into the manure of globalism, the notion that Google is primarily a business for profit is exposed as a distraction of what it really is and how it operates. It is entirely understandable that free internet services, especially when they usually work well and use superior features will attract the public in droves. However, the filtration of search results that only provide a biased outcome can no longer be denied. Notwithstanding, who benefits the most from the abandonment of the old motto, "Don't be evil"?


wow the comment below was unexpected lol.

this nsa organisation has the knowledge of the minds of every single person who searches on it - they know EVERYTHING about you. this is not for corporate profits and advertising, this is for total control of the human population.

'don't be evil' - orwellian reverse-speak if ever i did see it.

those who refuse to listen to warnings will find themselves entrapped before it is too late and they end up taking the notorious mark of the beast, which will be some wonderful tech of some sort (electronic tattoo?) but will end in sores, boils, locusts, fire-breathing horses, earthquakes and hail the size of cars on fire raining down on your head.

y'all been warned ;-)

Yes im aware of that. I wouldnt know where to start explaining my view, it'd take far too long as we are clearly on opposite ends of the spectrum here..
All i can say to that is, i dont care what they know about me. I want them to know me better than i know myself. That doesnt scare me. I support it..Its a neccesary part of the development of A.i. Thats all i can say..

yes, and as i say you are misled about what it's really for, and who 'google' are. if you trust the government then there really is no hope for you..

"The updated code of conduct comes as artificial intelligence researchers call for Google to abandon a project developing AI technology for the military.

Google's refusal to cut ties with the US military led to the resignation of around a dozen employees from the company, who cited ethical concerns and warned that autonomous weapons directly contradicted the firm's famous 'Don't be evil' motto."

There's nothing wrong with what Google do. The only people really concerned with privacy are the ones who have something nefarious to hide.
There's also nothing wrong with them showing you relevant ads based on your browsing history. Ads pay for certain things so that you and i dont have to; and would you rather see ads that you might be interested in or ads that have absolutely no relevance to you whatsoever?

Finally, if you don't understand what Transcendence is, and the part that Google and their A.i. will play in that, then you don't understand what the future holds for blockchain technologies..We need the true A.i. And google is still our best shot at getting it. Google could commit mass genocide and i wouldn't care..As long as they are still the world leaders in the field of articficial intelligence, nothing else matters..

To quote the Devil himself - "Without evil there could be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes".


you are a malinformed, brainwashed fool, and have been taken in by globalist technocratic propaganda, which is more clever than you'll probably be able to figure out.

'There's nothing wrong with what Google do. The only people really concerned with privacy are the ones who have something nefarious to hide.'

Please, let us have your bank account numbers, pins and passwords. Also, we need your address as we're coming round your house later to rifle through all your things - presumably your door will be open and plenty of other people will also be invading your home whenever they like.

Perhaps we can ride in your car with you too, see where you go, who you see, what you spend your money on etc. etc. etc.

Do i need to go on, or will you please realise how 180 degrees wrong you are, and re-think this digital matrix those who own money have built to enslave every one on earth (surely not a good thing for most of us, right?)

Aha yes, google do indeed have my bank details, im not worried about them stealing money from me xD
You misunderstand me friend. I wouldn't be here in the crypto space if i didnt agree with some of its ideals now would i?
I do not support my government or its financial institutions. I love that crypto is 'our' money. Not 'their' money. Aint got no bitches face on it, got DOGE on it boy! I love all that!
I also live semi-offgrid in a campervan so..I really am not worried about them finding me xD

doge is much solid, loved clone.

that's cool, so if needed you could ditch the internet and go full off-grid?

In theory yes i suppose, but id need some survival knowledge..Plus i have no future intentions to do such a thing anyway..

yes i know, you want the mark of the beast that they will sell you as the next step in melding humanity and technology, but it's not going to end well for you; don't say you haven't been warned.

I'd take the risk for a shot at immortality ;) Death is so uncertain..

no, death is very certain - and you are primed to accept the best way of never having immortality. anyone who takes the mark will be destroyed. those who stay loyal to the One who created us will live for ever.

is eternal life what you really want? are you prepared to completely change your views and way of thinking?

i know the answer, but i'm giving you as many alarm calls as i can.

'he who controls the present controls the past. he who controls the past controls the future.'

you were born into a matrix, and are still unaware, as most are.

Lets bury the hatchet..Want some free XRP? xD

lol, no i'm good but also have no enmity or grudge with you, despite my harsh comments, which i would say again in the same mocking (but not angry) tone.

i'm not going to be polite about someone having about as much of a wrong or really given view of the world as it's possible to have, and one which is not going to end well for you - and you know being in the majority is never a good sign, right?

you think transhumanism is our next logical evolution but you are omitting to consider the immense and complex biotechnology that makes the human what it is as it is.

i mean, ameobae are fascinating and certainly impossible to create from scratch out of a bunch of amino acids, but a full human with all of its amazingly intricate and self-repairing systems? come on man, take the future-tech goggles off for a minute.

Well..While I know what you mean about 'being in the majority', it doesnt mean that just because you have a minority view that its correct..
I wouldnt consider myself part of any majority..My views about all this are quite unlike anything else ive ever encountered..
This isnt something modern government's are doing to us. This has been going on since the beginning of everything. The universe, life, and history as we know it. This is part of the process..We are becoming the Gods we dreamed of. We are building the heaven we seek. The eternal paradise..We are overcoming all strife..We took control of nature itself. We can do in a lifetime what mother nature can't do in millenia.
The universe was once an empty boring place. Slow.
It gets more and more complex. It evolves. We are simply another step..But we are not the finale..
But now ive said too much..This is not the route i intended this discussion to take..I will say no more.

'I wouldnt consider myself part of any majority..My views about all this are quite unlike anything else ive ever encountered..'

'your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods.'

i've encountered your belief system before, it's almost as old as mine, and certainly more widespread than you would know. don't be fooled, man is no God, the only thing we create is copies of ourselves; everything else is a manipulation of what God has already created ex nihilo. if this is not true, then create like a God, or show me someone who can.

man's imagination is infinite, but that is the limit of our 'power.'

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