MSNBC Guest Calls Out Bill Kristol For His "Bomb Iran" Punditry

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If you look very carefully there is still a cohort of lifelong Republicans from the NeoCon Bush years that refuse to give into Donald Trump and his "not normal" style of governing. This list includes people like Nicolle Wallace, David French, Jeff Flake, and Bill Kristol.

Kristol has had a bit of a public image renaissance since his party moved away from his milquetoast banal style of evil to Trump's ostentatious and pompous evil. This is mostly fueled by center or center-left folks who have found common ground with conservatives that believe in things like "civility" and "decorum" and "working across the aisle."

It's fine to build coalition where there is common cause, say, infrastructure, or improving the lives of veterans, etc. But danger comes when people get suckered into conservative ideas like war or tax cuts for the rich or the slashing of social safety nets.

With the social unrest in Iran, Bill Kristol gets to beat his favorite drum, the War in the Middle East drum. In this clip, Bill Kristol gets heated when National Iranian American Council president Trita Parsi questioned how much Kristol really cares about Iranians. Parsi plainly mentions Kristol's history of advocating for war against the Iranians but is cut off by MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle who defends Kristol's past, saying he never advocated for such things.

Check out the clip below, and be on the lookout for moments where these conservative "Never Trump" people try to draw you into their brand of plain criminal conservative.


It's pretty depressing how much of the "resistance" crowd sings the praises of neocons like Kristol just because they share a mutual disgust for Trump. These guys lied us into the greatest foreign policy disaster in history. That should never be forgotten or forgiven due to current political convenience.

The "resistance" crowd jumped on the Russia narrative so quickly, they forgot to look around an realize that Clinton and her NeoCons friends have had a goal to isolate Russia since 1991. The more Russia fear there is in the minds of mindless Americans, the better it is for the NeoCon brand. Don't forget it was them that pushed the coup in Ukraine in 2014.

Who let poor Billy on TV with someone like Parsi? He stands no chance. This was fun to watch.

The Neocons are moving back to their roots, the Democrats. Since Trump won't hate Russia the way they want, time to start a new think tank with the Democrats. I've written about this previously.

As has Glenn Greenwald:

Amen. (Plz don’t vote on this, just wanna shoot you a hallelujah.)

It's just how life is. Some people hate one thing while others love it.

Why do the warmongers and jingoists always seem so jolly and gleeful?

Trita Parsi is the man. Fuck Bill Kristol.