Earns thousands of dollars using a pen and a potato...You will not believe it! | Planet of Madness

in news •  last year 

A Texas guy surprised everyone with the idea that everyone think that it the most stupid idea . and the idea of craig was to write distinctive messages on the potato And send them on behalf of customers to their friends and loved ones for a fixed amount of money. Alex said that when he introduced the idea to his girlfriend, she told him she was the dumbest idea she had ever heard and told him you not going to sell one potato. Craig started to promote his idea on the Internet and was surprised that he received orders worth $ 2000 and sold more than 2000 potatoes to people in all usa.

Craig added that the price of a medium-sized potato is $ 8 and enough to write 100 characters. Craig concluded with an important piece of advice for anyone who wanted to create a successful project and to avoid fear of failure and doubt about your ability to succeed.
In your opinion is this because the intelligence of craig or stupid of his clients, Let me know what you think

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