The dangerous Lesvandovsky is like a Ronaldo to Bayern coach

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In the semi-finals of the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo is not afraid of the presence of Yup Hainkace in the side. Bayern Munich coach claims, Roberto Levandovski of his team is dangerous like Real Madrid's Portuguese Forward.

News via news, leaving Bayern to leave in Riyal, Levenovsky If this is true, then the German striker can be seen in Ronaldo in the same season next season. However, on Wednesday, the two players of the attacking team will be playing against each other in the Alianj Arena.

Ronaldo is in the rhythm of the Champions League. Already 15 goals in 10 matches! Haincas believes that it will be difficult to stop this outstanding form. But Bayern Coach said the danger was waiting in front of the opponent Zinedine Zidane's team.

"I respect Cristiano Ronaldo," Hinckes told journalists on the eve of Real Madrid. He has a wonderful career. But to win the Champions League, you have to play well as a team. "

"We also have a striker. Roberto Levandovski, who had already scored 39 goals in this season. So you might ask, How do I stop Lavandovsky? "
Haincas did not want to debate himself on whether he would exchange these two players in great form.

"This question is for journalists, not for us."

After retirement at the end of the current season, he retired in October and again took charge of Bayern's coach Haincas. Before that, however, he will try to win the Champions League's third title in the coaching career. Five years ago, before winning the title of Bayern, the German coach gave Real to Real in 1998.

Zinedine Zidane has already demonstrated success as a Real coach. The Champions League title won the team in the last two seasons. Hincks of the five-player praise for the opposition team

"I was always a big fan of player Jiju. But now I appreciate him as a coach. I like her calm thinking ... She is a top level trainer. "

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