I want political vote to vote in boat: Hasina

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Responding to the criticism of the Prime Minister as well as the demand for a boat on the district tour, Sheikh Hasina said that party symbol as Awami League president wants to vote for her political rights.

Sheikh Hasina wants to vote for boat symbol by joining the Awami League rally and visiting different metropolitan cities of the country since the beginning of this year. Through this, BNP leaders are complaining that he is running party campaign using state resources.

After the inauguration of several development projects in Thakurgaon on Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to vote for Awami League in the next general election.

Criticizing the BNP leader Moudud Ahmed said, "These are all immoral and against the rule of election. If he wanted to vote as a president of the Awami League, he would not have said anything. "

In the context of Awami League's executive council meeting at Ganabhaban on Saturday evening, the president of the party said in this context.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina said, "Our right to vote in the boat is our right. I'm the president of a party. So wherever I go, I will definitely ask for my party.
"This is my political right."

The eleventh parliamentary elections will be held before the current government expires on January 28, 2019. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a few public meetings that elections will be held later this year.

In the meeting of Ganobhaban, he said, "The next election will be held. Of course, we have to go to the people. Need to vote in the boat. People should understand that people of this country get better when they vote in boat only. "

Awami League president said, "People of the country got freedom by voting in the boat, the state language received Bangla and the boats of the country's development got the vote in the marquee voting.

"So everyone will have to say that we want vote in boat marches and want an opportunity to improve the country."

Referring to the development picture of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said, "We can do many things here due to the geographical location of Bangladesh, through which we can make our own way of earning money."
"But no one ever noticed."

Bangladesh can create a bridge between the East and the West, the Prime Minister said, "From there we can achieve our greatest financial contribution." But nobody ever understood them like that, did not even think. "

Recalling just about 1.1 million Rohingyas in Bangladesh for human reason, she said, "We praised the international world for its role. The whole world is now with Bangladesh. "

Hasina said after the Awami League won the Tenth National Parliament elections in 2014, the government has been consistent with the continuation of the development of the country. Sheikh Hasina said, "As a dignified nation, we have to improve with our resources."

He said, "We'll bring foreign investment. This investment needs us There should be wealth with it, so that no one else has to be dependent, no one should continue to be small. "


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