What is the “Moon Soul Trap”?

in #news2 months ago

"A soul trap in the Matrix in order to recycle the human soul in order for all soul-beings to stay connected to and slavebound to Planet Earth?"

"There is an episode of Cosmic Disclosure (or similar) on GAIA TV where John Lear refers to the moon as a massive system that collects souls after they die [sic]."

"John Lear told me about the "soul catcher" that he knew about. What I do remember is that it was being used for a negative purpose rather than the purpose it had been created for.

It was catching souls, but it was catching them to enslave them"

"John Lear, pilot, and son of American aviator inventor Bill Lear has proposed a theory of a “Moon Soul Trap” that acts as a station for our souls on this planet. The Archons (Gnostic Gods) are behind the “Moon Soul Trap” and this has also been a topic of conspiracy writer David Icke."

"In David Ickes latest book he goes into detail about how the moon is a space ship that was put there by the entities that have imprisoned us on this planet and how the moon controls how we perceive reality. He also talks about the soul being drawn to the moon at death. Another great researcher Michael Tasarion talks about this same subject in his work. The elites are apparently programs the A.I. on the moon uses to control us. It is also stated by all of these researchers that the creators of the A.I. system are from another dimension or wavelength than our own. So that is how you can tie this into the extraterrestrial and inter dimensional subjects."

"I said, Master, where will the souls go of people who have not known to whom they belong?

He said to me, The contemptible spirit has grown stronger in such people while they were going astray. This spirit lays a heavy burden on the soul, leads her into evil, and hurls her down into forgetfulness. After the soul leaves the body, she is handed over to the authorities who have come into being through the ruler. They bind her with chains and throw her into prison. They go around with her until she awakens from forgetfulness and acquires knowledge. This is how she attains perfection and is saved."

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