The "War On Cancer": Royal Rife?

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"The "war on cancer" is the effort to find a cure for cancer by increased research to improve the understanding of cancer biology and the development of more effective cancer treatments, such as targeted drug therapies."

"In 1934, 16 terminal patients with various cancers were studied in La Jolla, CA. It was concluded by the committee that within 70 days, the first 14 patients were cured of their cancer while the remaining two were cured three weeks later based on just two 3 minute sessions a week. Rife suggested any more of a frequency in sessions would not allow the lymphatic system enough time to release the toxins from the destroyed virus and detox the waste from the body.
Another study conducted by The University of Southern California appointed a special medical research committee to bring terminal cancer patients to clinic for treatment. In 90 days, it was found that 86.5% of the patients had been cured. With treatment adjustments, the remaining patients also responded within four weeks which made a total recovery rate of 100%."

"These treatments would presumably be safer for patients than many antiviral drugs that can have terrible side-effects. Normal cells should not be affected by the virus-killing lasers or sound waves because they have resonant frequencies much lower than those of viruses, Sankey said.

Moreover, it is unlikely that viruses will develop resistance to mechanical shaking, as they do to drugs."

Royal Rife: The Cure for Cancer

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