Space Force To Explore And Survey Nibiru

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"As General Jay Raymond was formally sworn in as the inaugural chief of Space Force Operations at a White House Ceremony led by Vice President Pence, engineers at Tonopah Test Range finalized plans to send a reverse-engineered alien spaceship on a historic mission to the Nibiru system.

This mission has the goal to determine why the dark star and its orbiting planets have yet to reach perigee, an event that ought to have seen fruition in 2012."

"Droegemeier and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told Trump the Nibiru System seemed to have stalled in space. They said optical viewing and radio frequency analysis provided inconclusive answers and that a manned trip to the Nibiru system is needed to determine whether the celestial interloper will achieve perigee and wreak untold havoc on the planet.

Trump told Gen. Raymond that investigating the mysteries of Nibiru would be among Space Force’s top priorities. He handed Raymond a structured plan that included names of three astronauts he had handpicked for the mission and said he wanted the ship en route to the Nibiru system by the 3rd quarter of 2020"

Vatican Warns Trump: DO NOT GO TO NIBIRU

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