Cannabis oil kills cancer ,

in news •  3 months ago

The Terminally ill said yesterday out loud ,
We need our cannabis oil to fight cancer.
And went out to the streets.

They call him the angel of the Terminally ill.

He taking out there medical marihuana ,and extract from it the special oil that cure people from cancer .

The oil also called the rick simpson oil.

He got arrested , and after all his Patients come to court and say this guy didn't take any money to help me , he was my angel.
He got released , the drug company is scared the news will come out .

You can cure cancer with cannabis oil!!!!!!





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awesome story. more people need to know, their are alternatives to chemo.


Great News..
I am from India and I know a lot of people who are suffering from cancer.
This will be really helpful for them..
I will share the same to all the people those who are suffering..

I Really Appreciate your post....


Cannabis has helped many people with cancer. Sometimes they are cured and sometimes they are not cured but then it helped with pain relief, eating, sleeping and most important cannabis gives a positive mindset to the terminal ill, so you don't get depressed.

Alcohol and cigarette smoking have worse effects(carcinogenic) than good old cannabis. It should be legalized to start with

if this oil really cures cacner, why his patients are still sick ?
I think cannabis can only relieve symptoms (a good enough excuse to give it to a patient...), which can sometimes give the patient a better chance of recovery.
i do support helping patients with whatever they think can help them.


That's a link to rick simpson movie.

He created that oil.

The oil that given usually don't have the ability to cure people ,what this Israeli guy did , is to get the indica flowers and make them the rick simpson oil without charging them with any money.

Absolutely... growing our own 10% CBD hemp

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Cannabis will be Legal here in Canada on October 17... we can all grow our own weed.

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