Pulitzer Goes Full Orwell, Gives Prizes For Pushing RussiaGate Hoax (NYT, WashPo)

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By Charles Bausman, founder and editor of Russia Insider. You can also follow him on Twitter. He can be reached at [email protected]. This article also appears on russia-insider.com

We’re living in truth-is-stranger-than-fiction times.

Yesterday, the Russian government held a 2 hour press conference in the Hague, Netherlands, presenting what they claim is proof that the alleged gas attack in Syria was a fraud and a false flag, something that significant percentage of people in America and Europe agree with. It was resoundingly ignored by the mainstream media.

The White Helmets, widely exposed as a fraudulent intelligence operation, receive Oscars.

I noticed this story about the Pulitzer prizes for Russiagate reporting when it came out 10 days ago, and expected an avalanche of ridicule from the alternative media. But the Syria missile strikes happened the day before, and the geniuses at the Pulitzer committee escaped in the fog of war.

Russiagate is many things - it is a symptom of the deep corruption in our political system, a vicious effort (so far quite successful) by a Jewish elite and its flunkies in the deep state and media to hamstring a president and block good relations with Russia. It is a massive and preposterous lie. And it is a striking example of the abject failure of the mainstream media to report honestly on this hugely important story. Rachel Maddow’s ranting about Russiagate might well stand for all eternity as the low-water mark of professionally responsible journalism. The New York Times and Washington Post are right up there in Maddow’s league.

I estimate that roughly 60% of Americans who take an interest in politics agree that Russiagate is a hoax. My calculations go like this: most Republicans, accounting for about 45% of the total, cheered on by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. But then you have the thought criminals on the left, - the folks who read the Nation, the Jill Steiners, many of the Bernie Bros, the Glenn Greenwald admirers, which account for the rest. In fact, the only people who still believe this are the die-hard pussy hat crowd, the Hillary wing of the Democratic party, and the liberal media who are indistinguishable from them.

Here’s a list of the Pulitzer prize board, rock-ribbed, mainstream Democrats, it seems, one and all.

The Pulitzer organization has done something massively stupid. They’ve taken a highly contentious, hotly disputed issue which is being exposed as a lie with every passing week, and given it a very partisan endorsement, destroying the Pulitzer brand among huge swathes of the public.

What’s on the menu for next year? Prizes for the NYTimes’ hard-hitting coverage of Israel’s shocking brutality against the Palestinians? WashPo’s adversarial stance about Amazon?, or maybe some retrospective prizes for the great job the media has done warning against the Iraq war and Libya interventions? Maybe Colin Powell can join the prize board.

The only way the journalists ‘reporting’ on Russiagate for the Times and the Post have distinguished themselves is with their shocking professional malpractice and incompetence, verging on venality. They relentlessly pushed, and continue to push what is obviously a transparent lie. The only possible explanation is either a profound stupidity and gullibility or cynical dishonesty, or both, all grounds for professional disbarment.

Up is down. White is black. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

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