What I Learnt Today : In Saudi Arabia You Will Go To Jail If You Post Fake News On Social Network

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What I Learnt Today : In Saudi Arabia You Will Go To Jail If You Post Fake News On Social Network

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Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia has issued intense notices to media organizations that relish spreading bits of gossip to get heavy traffic on their websites that takes after suite. In fact, Ministry of Culture and Information has cautioned the associations of extreme legitimate activity against those that spread fake news.

Attorney Majed Garoub stated that :

Any media error that is committed via electronic means will be
considered a cyber crime and will pose grave consequences. Every crime
will be classified under a specific category of cybercrime and will be
punishable as per law.

The ministry’s sanctions against organizations are not applicable to
individuals as it is; there are certain variations such as individuals
can expect a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail or up to SR 5 million
($1.3 million) as fine.

If anyone re-sends or retweets a rumor will be deemed as guilty as the
source that posted it originally and hence will be held accountable.
Renowned media personality and writer Maysoon Abu Baker regards the
rumor about Prince Abdullah bin Musaed as very unfortunate and has
launched a campaign on Twitter as well with the hashtag No_To_Rumors.

News Source Link : https://www.hackread.com/saudi-araba-jail-for-fake-news/

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