Beware of Top Three Types of Cyber Attacks in 2017

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Beware of Top Three Types of Cyber Attacks in 2017

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1. Widespread DDoS Attacks

The main target of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are the Financial institutions (which companies that have online financial transactions). DDoS Attacks keep their servers & online base services down for several hours or days and causes a huge loss of these victim companies.

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2. Cyber Terrorist Attacks

Cyber Terrorist Attacks could infiltrate the highest levels of security in government servers & computers, disrupt government operations, bring down the entire Internet, close down the power grid, cause nuclear arms to launch, and so much more.

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3. A New Breed of Ransomware Is Looming Ahead

Nowadays Ransomware is a very real threat to not only companies but also every individuals around the world. Ransomware is a malware which attacks your PC & then encrypts all your personal & important files. To get your files decrypt back it demands virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.

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