Don't Believe The Media

in news •  2 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to share with you some proof, and some speculation about the false narrative we are being fed by the media. Do you believe that 1 man took 40 plus guns and however many rounds of ammo into a hotel room without being noticed? And do you believe that 1 man shot over 500 people all by himself? Have a look at this video from High Impact Flix.

This video shows that there was more than 1 shooter. I believe that Paddock is their patsy. Another thing that is suspicious to me is how there was ISIS and ANTIFA literature all in the room. It's just too convenient. What we know is that many leftists have been calling for and promising violence. They even have told us all to expect chaos on November 4, 2017. They call for an overthrow of the government. They call for violence towards white people, conservatives, Christians etc. So we have an idea of who is probably behind this evil deed. Let's think about who are behind these groups. Who created ISIS and ANTIFA? Who funds them? Who promotes them? I'm fairly certain it's the same people who prop up both groups. George Soros, Democrat leadership, Republican leadership, and the usual people you see in groups like the Council On Foreign Relations. Just understand that this event was a false flag and the media are lying to us every step of the way. This will be used to take more rights away from the individual. We have a chance to spread the word and help expose these lies as we find them. Don't allow the bastards who are behind this to get away with it. Don't allow the media to get away with lying to us about this. Pray for our country and our fellow man.

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Awesome! Police scanner from the Vegas shooting! This is the first I heard this! Thanks Ron! Thumbs up!