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What do cryptocurrencies, psychedelics, and philanthrophy have in common...?

Well, there's probably a few answers to that.

However, one in particular has been a great source of inspiration recently...

Apparently, someone made a shit-ton of money with Bitcoin, and committed to giving away $86 million worth through The Pineapple Fund.

One particular donation that got some worthy attention was $1 million given to MAPS (Multi-Disciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies) - which even got coverage in Forbes.

As some may know, psychedelic substances first started getting significant attention in the 60's, with leading psychologist Timothy Leary being a key figure at the time, though there were many studies done finding all kinds of positive results of psychedelic use for everything from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and a wide variety of psychiatric and emotional disorders. Unfortunately, despite the profound success of many trials, the party-pooping government shut down the research and began a new inquisition to demonize and jail users of such substances. Fortunately, times have been changing, and there's been a resurgance of research getting back up again, slowly but surely.

In the U.S., MAPS has been doing some awesome work the last few years with therapeutic psychedelic treatments. And whoever the person (or people) behind The Pineapple Fund is/are, they have clearly recognized it - and showed their support.

And not only did they pledge $1 million to the organization, they also recently pledged to match the next $4 million worth of donations to [MAPS]((


As to whether there's a time limit on that pledge and another $4 million will flow in - for a total of $8 million - we'll see. However, it's pretty damn cool to see such wealth, created in the cryptosphere, flowing into such awesome projects with great potential to impact lives for the better.

As for some of the other organizations The Pineapple Fund has given donations too, here's a snapshot:

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.16.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.16.30 PM.png

Having shown such support for [MAPS]((, one might wonder the origins of The Pineapple Fund's founder and own involvement in psychedelics.

It's no secret that many of the early Bitcoin adopers were patrons of the Silk Road, and tales have been told of several people into cryptocurrency also experimenting with DMT and other psychedelics.

Whatever the case, it may be more than just mere coincidence that such wealth created in this new digital frontier is being directed to advance mainstream research into responsible psychedelic use. As anyone who's tripped knows, both realms share some interesting overlaps - though that may be a topic for an entirely different discussion.

Parting food-for-thought...

Whoever's behind The Pineapple Fund is setting a wonderful inspirational example. And as they've devoted such a huge chunk of their wealth to give away towards worthy causes, we may reflect:

Were we to make hundreds of millions in crypto (or when), how might we choose to redistribute it?

Having 10 or 11 figures sitting in a bank account or digital wallet might provide a nice temporary ego boost. However, it's realistically way more than any single person needs. And, allocated to organizations already doing great work to make a difference in the world could be a far greater use of such wealth than hoarding it entirely for ourselves.

So yeah, there might be a few Lambos and world travels in private jets that happen during the come-up. Though, may The Pineapple Fund support for [MAPS](( be an excellent reminder of the spirit of giving and inspire us to consider what legacies we'd like to contribute to with our crypto wealth...

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I certainly think that we got to where we are now and experience the world the way we are at now because our ancestors started taking psychedelics, and I certainly have my little experience with mushrooms and DMT that just back me up on this. It should be part of everyone's life to understand psychedelics and to use them with the right peeps.

I saw apache and openbsd in the list this is great ! 2 open source projects that have been major players for the internet I wish more whales should be inspired by this project thank you to have talk about it I would have miss that otherwise.

the project I would have like to see is coreboot open source firmware project to free our computer from malicious closed source ships we have right now in our computers.

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Business is BOOMIN’ baby ;-)

It's very inspired. thanks for share @rok-sivante

a very interesting post rok-sivante.It is an inspiration that rich people are not all miserly but many are also generous as rok-sivante convey in this post.That's a very remarkable occurrence, because there are still people as good as he who is willing to help others mengguuunakan collectibles.Thank you have shared this very interesting life science.

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Indeed psychedelics may be the solution to our recidivism rate. Tim Leary dosed a bunch of inmates in a clinical trial and those who tripped in jail had a much lower recidivism rate than those who did not.

MAPS + Emma Sofia + LEAP +The Pineapple Fund =
Psychedelic Renaissance! The road to cerebral liberty got significantly shorter with this initiative. Great read! Here's a complimentary psychedelic cat sweater picture:

As more and more crypto millionaires come up, i agree the spirit of charity should grow alongside the wealth. Its unnerving to boast of so much riches and yet lack a giving heart. Kudos to the Pineapple fund founders.

You could just as easily apply this quote to the crypto sphere. Psychedelics have had a major part in tons of "advances" through history, yet due to the taboo of them, they never get any credit for helping to inspire. It's amazing to see someone is actually giving back in an active manner!

“You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And if you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight. Take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. 'Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years were rrreal fucking high on drugs. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes.”
― Bill Hicks

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A dime spend in better understanding psychadellic substances is a dime well spent....

By the way, cool cat graphic, it came out and started hunting the bees that were coming out of my toilet.

That's a lot of cash and i believe a lot from where it is coming from.
I'm kind of grateful the cryptoworld made rich someone with these values of supporting good work!
Many have failed to realise that life is not all about sleek lambos and travels.
Wonderful post sir!

That's a lot of cash and i believe a lot from where it is coming from.
I'm kind of grateful the cryptoworld made rich someone with these values of supporting good work!
Many have failed to realise that life is not all about sleek lambos and travels.
Wonderful post sir!

That's a lot of cash and i believe a lot from where it is coming from.
I'm kind of grateful the cryptoworld made rich someone with these values of supporting good work!
Many have failed to realise that life is not all about sleek lambos and travels.
Wonderful post sir!

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