RMR: Special Guest - Rachel Blevins - The Free Thought Project (01/26/2018)

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CJ interviews Rachel Blevins. Rachel is an independent journalist who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm that exists in media and politics, and strives to create content that challenges existing narratives.

Rachel is passionate about topics such as government corruption, foreign policy, police accountability, the drug war, gun rights and mainstream media hypocrisy. She is from Texas, and speaks from the viewpoint of a Texan who is concerned about an increasingly powerful federal government that continues to strip citizens of their civil liberties, while increasing mass surveillance, enabling a militarized police state, and promoting a destructive foreign policy in the name of keeping Americans “safe.”

Rachel’s career in the alternative media began in 2014. Her experience includes writing news stories and producing videos for Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, and producing content for We Are Change. In addition to writing and editing for The Free Thought Project, Rachel currently produces her own videos, which can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Steemit.

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