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RE: The Russian Poison Story is WMD 2.0

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The tricks and frauds of the government. They try to fool us and a lot of people are really fooled by this.. They give us a headline that smells fishy from head to toe and then want us to accept that. And when somebody doesn't, he's labeled a traitor. The government and politics, it's all corruption and dirty games.
How are we supposed to believe this shit, honestly I feel sorry for the ones that still do


Corruption? For a long time I have not heard or met this word. Although I live in Russia. Maybe it's in the system itself?

Maybe it's because Russia has clawed it's way free of national debt. I reckon there is some reason to believe that national debt and corruption are inextricably entwined, so when Russia fulfilled it's obligation it was no longer required to suffer the corruption that came with it.

Corruption is capitalism. There is capitalism is corruption. No capitalism there is no corruption. Russia is trying to change the outdated economic system. Now two basic rights and the left. The people are more for the left system. Might be won by the right and Nazism for it are the millionaires. Who will win is unclear. But we will have or communism, which is good. Or Nazism, which is bad for other countries.

One thing I always try to keep in mind is that there are always more than two options.

I think the post market economy will prove all the 'isms' to be variations of 'barbarism'.

Communism is the most progressive economic and political model at the moment. He is close to his ideals and concepts to any world religion and the notion of good.
If we talk about the possibility of Nazism. This is certainly barbarism. Just what did you want? 25 years of humiliation of the empire. Many grew up and became generals and millionaires seeing the humiliation of their people. In many of our generals, politicians boil desire for revenge.
Because this option is unfortunately real. I myself am for the equality of all and by conviction the communist. But Nazism can win. To humiliate the nation. To humiliate a great nation. A nation that has a lot of resources and the best weapons in the world. This can have very sad consequences.