The N-219 plane flew in on the seventeenth of August two thousand and seventeen

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Hallo my friend rizki, I want to tell you about the N-219 plane, following the story.

N-219 aircraft targeted to fly ahead of 17 August

There is a special gift prepared by PT Dirgantara Indonesia and National Aeronautics Institute or Lapan welcomed the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia's independence on 17 August next week.

PT DI and Lapan target, before August 17, could fly the nation's first plane aircraft, N-219. Recent developments, N-219 aircraft already running test phase of flight debut preparation.
The N-219 aircraft is targeted to fly premiere before August 17, 2017.

The N-219 aircraft was known as the second generation aircraft made by Indonesia after the Gatotkoco N-250 aircraft, which flew pedana on August 10, 1995. The N219 aircraft is a light transport aircraft capable of operating in pioneer aviation.

The N-219 aircraft is expected to address the needs that serve pioneer airport operations and is optimistic to master the aircraft market in its class.

Good luck.

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