Stories of Americans who vacation in Aceh

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IMG20150502164008.jpgWhile I was on vacation to north sumatera, my friends intentionally invited me to the airport of kuala namu, so I saw a bule and I met him, it was his name Mr.Alex, I am very happy to meet him, because his people are very friendly. After I met him I talked with him, it turns out after I talked with Mr.. Alex apparently he wants a vacation to Aceh that is to Sabang.

Because the person was so friendly that I took the memento of taking pictures with him. After I took a photo with Mr. Alex was Mr. Alex took me on holiday with him to sabang, and I replied I can not leave my friend just like that. Because we are on holiday to north sumatera together so we split up with Mr. Alex at the airport kuala namu. Lastly my words that I say to Mr. Alex goodbye Mr. Good luck in his vacation. Thanks.

Many of my stories about Mr.Alex hopefully my friends Impressed :)

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