Ship Floating PLTD Aceh

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Hy steemit friend my name is Rizki Mulia Nanda, commonly called rizki, I want to tell you a little about the floating shipbuilding diesel in Aceh.

This PLTD Apung ship is an electric ship belonging to Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN). While Aceh is still in conflict, supply to Aceh is often disrupted. For that, the government of Indonesia at that time was taking the initiative to send the ship Diesel Power Plant Apung I to Aceh in 2002. The end of the year 2004 tsunami came to hit Aceh, the vessel which has an area of 1900 square meters and 2,600 tons of weight was finally swept along with the tsunami to Middle city of Banda Aceh, and now located in Punge village, Blancut, Banda Aceh.

Now, the ship PLTD Apung this became one of the monument sites of the most visited tsunami relic by tourists. To complete the history of the tsunami and the PLTD Apung, a museum that recounts the tsunami trail in Aceh and the history of this floating boat itself, even to tell about the survivors on board the ship.

Now this floating ship has become a tourist place in Aceh, so if your friends visit to aceh do not forget to go to floating ship PLTD yes.

So many of my short stories about the floating boat in aceh hopefully my friends impressed about my story, thank you, do not forget to follow my account good luck.

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