Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic Student Create Robot Drone Fire Detector

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LHOKSEUMAWE - Student of Electrical Department of Electrical Diploma III State Polytechnic of Lhokseumawe succeeded in creating drone robot capable of detecting forest fire from far distance.

This fire detection robot robot is one of the work of Polytechnic students done with a period of six months.

This drone robot serves as one of the forest fire detector that can reach from a distance. In addition, this drone will also detect the level of smoke sensitivity and hot spots in the area of fire.

The drone robot is designed by students with control circuits using sensors to detect smoke concentration and hot temperatures in the fire area.

This drone will be able to monitor long-distance fire that is difficult to reach.

Later this drone will provide data to us, be it for temperature and hot spots and smoke sensitivity through the computer.

So the nature of Tilemetri distance using a sensor and use a wireless connection. By monitoring this robot drone, we will know how much heat and smoke sensitivity in the fire area.

We hope that this drone fire detonation robot can be useful for government and other agencies in terms of detecting forest fires and hot spots with a flying radius of 500 meters, good luck comrade, hehe.

I hope that later this work can be applied and implemtasikan to the wider community with the support of all parties, thanks. Good luck friend.

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nice, keep working

Thank you friend @safril21