Experience of field work practice in prosecutor's office

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Complete one month of my field work practice (PKL) in the prosecutor's project, conducted by contractor PT. CONSTRUCTION WORK. What a struggle, for the final task, and finally for the future. Although this is a struggle that is sometimes exhausting, but this field practice has become a very precious time for me to grow up.

Although there is a lot of new science that I can take, but I still feel small in the face of the world of work. But now, there is a sense of confidence that the experience and knowledge of this practice makes us (both friends and I) feel an increase in our selling points. When to apply the employment practices? Imagine, field work practices in the field of polytechnics (especially civil engineering majors) is not an obligation as a practical work in other majors or campuses.
So for a confused student (any majors) for employment practice or not, I suggest to choose the exercises. This is an opportunity for students to gain work experience.

One month is very meaningful. We only get experience, but excellent relationships and relationships from all project workers. Thank you PT. CONSTRUCTION WORKS that have guided us so well that we become more responsible people.

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