How to Vote and Un-vote a RIPA Delegate

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RIPA uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus in order to produce / confirm blocks.

You can use your RIPAex XPX to vote or un-vote a delegate. In this short guide we’ll show you how you can vote (cast a vote towards the delegate you choose — whether it is yourself or another community member you wish to support, like projects, pools, or a friend, or to un-vote a delegate you are already voting for in case you decide you want to change the vote to someone else. Voting from your RIPA wallet can provide you with extra XPX due to the forging rewards that are processed by delegates. Rewards are awarded to 101 top ranked active delegates.

First if you haven’t, you will need to download and install the RIPA Desktop Client from here RIPA Desktop Wallet and then import and access the wallet you want to vote from.

If you want to register a delegate yourself, you should follow this guide first: How to Register A RIPA Delegate

Some basic voting info :

· 1 RIPA ADDRESS CAN VOTE FOR ONLY 1 DELEGATE AT A TIME (if you wish to vote for more than 1 delegate, split you wallet in more RIPA addresses and repeat the vote process — for example, send the amount you wish to vote from the second wallet to the second wallet.

· 1 RIPA EQUALS A VOTING WEIGHT OF 1. The more ark you hold, the more weight you hold in your possession — but note that if you split the wallet your voting power splits with it. For example, if you have 1,000 XPX your voting power is equal to 1,000 XPX, if you split that in to 2 equal wallets each having 500 XPX the voting power of the 1st wallet will be 500 XPX and the 2nd one 500 XPX.

· EACH VOTE OR UN-VOTE COSTS 1 XPX. When you vote for a delegate it costs 1 XPX. When you un-vote, the cost is the same 1 XPX.

Don’t know who to vote for or support with your RIPA?

Read the proposals on our forum from our current list of delegates and vote according to your plan: Delegates & Proposals

1 Casting your 1 Vote to a chosen Delegate

  1. Click on “IMPORT ACCOUNT” if you already have a RIPA address but haven’t yet imported it into your current installation of the RIPA Desktop Wallet or
  2. Click “CREATE ACCOUNT” if don’t have a RIPA Account. (Note that you will need to deposit XPX tokens first in order to pay 1 XPX for the vote. You can buy your RIPA XPX tokens HERE ) or
  3. Click on your wallet address if you have already imported your RIPA address.

  1. Click “VOTES” tab
  2. Click “Vote” button

  1. Select from the drop down menu if if the delegate you wish to vote for is currently forging, if the delegate you wish to vote for is not in the top 101 then start with STEP 2
  2. Type in the delegates name exactly as it is.
  3. Enter 1st passphrase
  4. Enter 2nd passphrase
  5. Click “NEXT”

  • Click the “SEND ₱ NOW” to cast your vote

That is it. The delegate you voted for will gain the weight of the wallet you voted from. It takes a few minutes for the vote to reflect (usually after confirmation of the transaction and the next block is forged )

2 Un-Voting a Delegate

  1. Open your wallet as explained at the start of this guide
  2. Click “VOTES” tab

  • Click “SEND ₱ NOW!” to complete the transaction

That’s it for Voting & Un-Voting Delegates within the RIPA Blockchain. Remember, you only have one vote per wallet. Should you want to vote for more than one Delegate, split of the amount of voting weight you wish to vote by creating additional wallets.

If you need assistance or have any suggestions join our any one of our groups. An admin will be happy to assist.



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Don’t forget to save your passphrases of all your RIPA wallets that hold your RIPA Tokens — if you lose it or it gets stolen there is nothing we can do!

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