Handling of COVID19 Crisis comparison Thailand vs. France Part 1: Thailand

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Hi, Steemians

Long time not see! Lately, I was very busy at things outside of Steem/Hive, so I wasn't able to free enough time to write and also at the time of the launch of Hive I have put aside in a blacklist without any reason but they finally put my name out of it without asking them. So, today I take the time to write a post at this very special time to all of us "the COVID 19 pandemic" and I want to make a kind of comparison between my origin country France and my country of residency Thailand and compare their handling of the COVID crisis.

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Many people may see the comparison as unfair because many people see Thailand as a poor country, but many of them change their mind when they come here, and many time I've heard that after those tourists visited Thailand they finally fo back to their home country with the findings that Thailand is very much in advance compared to EU and US. When in EU many 50+ westerners can barely using the internet, where everybody uses it even farmers also Thailand has the best internet connection in the world, but there is so many things that are much better in Thailand that one day I may make a post about it. Just walk the streets of Bangkok and compare with EU and you will see that much more tech is everywhere.


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Also, I want to point at a few facts that make this comparison fair. Thailand and France have the same size (land surface), the same population 60 some million people and another interesting fact is that Thailand is now ranked (for more than a year now) number 5 of the world's top countries healthcare system and has passed France (position 6). For a long time, France used to be the number one country in the world for its healthcare system but after 20 years of EU dictatorship, it is now just the souvenir of glorious days. The EU and the French corrupted governments have closed many hospitals and today all the healthcare system is in the hands of EU and Big Pharma lobbies. For those of you who want to learn a little about France today, I have made many posts during the Yellow Vests movement that explain it all. Talking about the COVID19 crisis, at first it is important to give a little background of the crisis in both countries.


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Thailand's population today is 70 million people for a surface of 513,120 km2. Thailand is ranked number 25 by GDP ranked by country 2020. Since the year 2019, Thailand is ranked at number 6th for the best healthcare in the world (CEOWORLD), in the past 30 years, Thailand has made big progress in its healthcare system from a very low number to the 6th position due to a better education system, large investment in high medical technologies and infrastructures and government program that finance the healthcare bills of Thai citizens.


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France's population today is 70 million people for a surface of 543,940 km2 (France without islands in the Caribbean, Indian and Pacific seas). Thailand and France have the same population for the same land surface, so it is much easier to compare the two countries. France is ranked number 6 by GDP ranked by country 2020. France is now ranked number 8th for the best healthcare in the world (CEOWORLD), it has gone down from the first position in the past 10 years due to the EU asking France to cut down the expenses on the health system.


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So in this post, I want to compare how each of these two countries has handled the COVID19 crisis and it is a 3 posts series because I really have a lot to say about the situation of France and how the clown government of E.Macron has handled the crisis in an awful manner that says a lot about globalism and how much people will be mistreated if the cabal behind globalism ever take the power all around the globe. I have made a ton of research and I am part of a French group that digs into governments of France and EU countries in general actions and Big Pharma, media, and other lobbies... I can promise you there is a lot to say. That is why I start with Thailand for the effectiveness of their actions (sometimes too extreme but at the end Thailand is ranked today as the safest country for COVID19 as there is no more internal case for more than 3 months, all the new cases that are discovered in the last three months are those from people who came back to Thailand and have been tested positive during their 14 days mandatory quarantine before they can travel freely in the Kingdom. Today, Thailand's tourism is nearly dead and these exception laws start to be too much. But it is to Thai people to do everything they can for the government to ease those laws on international tourism and organize the arrival of tourists in a better and cheaper way. But to conclude they have done a good job at keeping the country safe. After this series of 3 or 4 posts, I may make a special post about the opinion of many professors, doctors, lawyers,; police, and other fields directly implicated in the crisis in France because the same shadow seems to appear everywhere.


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Thailand has been the first country in the world to have COVID19 cases at the beginning of what has become a pandemic. Just after China has started the lockdown of Wuhan city, Thailand has started to have some COVID19 cases as Thailand is the most visited country by Chinese tourists with more than 8 million Chinese tourists recorded in 2019. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, Thailand has been very good in the research of a cure for COVID19 and very quickly, after having some exchange with many virologists worldwide, came with a cure made a combination of two medicine including the molecules of Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (two well-known medicine) and very quickly the results on people affected with COVID19 were very promising. Later the Thai researcher added a UV treatment. During the crisis in Thailand, there was no real lockdown of the population but what we can call a partial lockdown as people were free of their moves only at night from 10 pm till 4 am there was a cover fire and people have to remain at home during these night times. During the two and a half months of the special measures all bar, concerts, and all venues, massages, etc... were closed but most of the shop was still open (only in the non-essential business some shop were closed) every shop have at least a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel for the customers to clean their hands before entering. The bank has the gel and a digital thermometer and all big supermarkets have first a temperature check, the gel, and a special SAS (a lock tent) where some disinfection liquid is spayed on customers. Mask is required everywhere and the government was giving free masks at most medical facilities. Some hospitals in every part of the country have been specially equipped to receive the patient affected by COVID19.


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The Thai government has been very transparent about the handling of the crisis and has managed it with the maestro. Before the shutdown of all international flights, they have put a law to get every person entering the kingdom to be in self-quarantine dor 14 days and authorities to have the duty to check on them and make sure they respected the quarantine. Also at the really beginning they have tracked down Chinese travelers who have to enter lately and ask them to stay 14 days at a special quarantine facility where during their quarantine some cases were found. They also have track down the phone of people who have come to contact with people infected or cluster places and get them to self-quarantine. Some people may found it very intrusive but in the end, the result is here. Today, Thailand has seen 3519 yet and 59 death, only 100 people still in the hospital, the mortality rate is 1.68% and the recovery rate is at 95.48% making Thailand the best country in the world for health care during the COVID19 pandemic. Sure everything isn't good as the crisis continue despite no case inside the country for 3 months the country still closed to tourist and the country depend a lot on tourism with 4 million people working in this sector today 2.5 million are unemployed as their company has been bankrupt and this is true in many sectors of activities.


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Tomorrow I will post about France and the crazy or better say "maleficent" plan they have done till today, you will be stunned for sure.

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Love and Happiness

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