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RE: WikiLeaks Exposes How Council on Foreign Relations Controls Most All Mainstream Media—Time to Switch to Steemit

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I love your posts they are great to read and keep me up to date on current news topics that aren't necessarily covered in mainstream media. As for the media, it has been well known for the last couple years how corrupt the media corporations have become as they will post stories and publish articles that push their own agenda. My eye opening experience was this last election as the major news media had Hilary Clinton winning the election by 10 to 12% and made it seem like it would be a landslide victory. Well they were wrong and because of that made me start to question their reliability. It would be great to have checks and balances on media organizations as they have a lot of influence on the world and its beliefs and if they are pushing ideas that are incorrect or only furthering their own agendas it is wrong as they should be as unbiased for us readers and consumers to make our own opinions. It will be interesting to see how cryptocurrencies might change the media world as there are cryptos out there specifically designed to change this and create a consensus based platform where people can validate news if it is real or flag it if it is fake. I would love to see laws be created to punish those agencies that push fake news to influence the public but I don't see something like that being able to have enough influence to change the current status.


Hey @Ricjames. Congratulations on your political awakening. I have been there myself and know that the "red pill" can be difficult to swallow. I always caution people to be careful when calling for government regulation of media companies, or any industry for that matter. We are taught that government regulates corporations, but in reality corporations that own the government regulate society under the veil of protecting people. Regulations will inevitably lead to the government declaring what you see on CNN, for example, to be truth; and what you see on the Free Thought Project to be "fake news". It is the Free Thought Project and similar media that will end up silenced. The answer is to take government out of it. Liberty is the absence of government. We are sold the lie that sacrificing Liberty for security keeps us safer. The truth is that he who surrenders liberty for security neither deserves, or will end up with either. If you are interested in knowing more about CFR infiltration of the media, I would be honored if you watched the report below:

Great video and thanks for the info. I have heard a lot of people talk about operation mockingbird but didn't know much about it. I had no idea about Anderson Coopers history but it is not surprising that he has ties to the CIA as he has had a questionable record of falsifying news stories. I was also surprised to hear about the council of foreign affairs being the ones to choose the CIA director. You make a lot of good points and share all the details in an organized matter. Keep up the good work and will start to listen to more of your videos on youtube.

Thanks @ricjames. All the information is out there but it is well concealed. I remember how shocked I was when I originally started doing deep research. The obvious questions come up: Why doesn't the media talk about these things? Why was this left out my education? an education that included a Bachelors degree in History.

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