OneCoin - one of the cheapest, dumbest, ugliest scams I've stumbled upon.

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"Norwegian developer Bjorn Bjercke is a blockchain specialist with over 19 years experience in the IT and project management industry. He was contacted by a Japanese recruitment agency with a “very high salary” offer to develop a blockchain. By his own admission, Bjercke was “super keen” but wanted to know which company he would be developing for. The recruiter was hesitant but finally informed Bjorn that the company was Onecoin and that they wanted him to turn their SQL servers into a blockchain."

"Much of that money seems to have found its way back to Bulgaria, with evidence showing that over $19 million has been funneled into property deals involving Ruja Ignatova and a host of questionable individuals and companies, including former politicians, well connected businessmen and people with links to organized crime. Bjorn Bjercke comments that some of these individuals are “worse than criminals.”

While Ruja Ignatova is the face of the company, the myriad of shell companies operated by Onecoin Limited show connections to alleged organized crime figures like Bulgarian “Cocaine King” Hristofos Amanatidis, who was charged in absentia with drug offenses by Bulgarian police and is referred to as the “Cocaine King.”

And so on....
As the plot thickens, so do the dimensions of the utterly absurd.
I would never understand the people that fall for this particular kind of scam (it can hold no water whatsoever, but is also insulting to one's aesthetics), and the people who somehow have the affinity to find/attract exactly these 'investors'.
Hopefully everybody begins to sooner than later educate themselves on the basics of block chain technologies/functionality...

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Hello, watch out for the scams

Dr. Ruja Ignatova was previously apart of Bigcoin as well.