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I'm your host @reseller

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Tether time?


I don't mess with that sorcery!

Thank you!!!


Keep up the great work.

First "hard fork" I've been through. Nice to hear you've been thought another and that it does get better. I feel better today than the first day. And dont stop steemit minute. I know I dont comment often, but I will just to say that your like the Morning Steem News. Your voice flows.its perfect. I get the work that goes into it though...


Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate that!

see you on the top


Still a very long climb!

Thanks @reseller. Keep doing what you do. I think that The Steemit Minute is a staple here on DTube. Honored to get the shout out.


I hope everything works out for you this week and appreciate the videos you do!

I subbed u up man, good stuff. I have bought some of the cards you have for sale on Steem Monsters.

Another awesome Steemit minute @reseller ! on my way to check out some links you left , thanks for that and all that you do ! upped and resteemed!👍✌👌💕