10 Things I Wish Conservatives Cared About More Than The NFL and Roseanne Barr

in #news3 years ago

1. Our 17 year long war in Afghanistan

2. President Trump wanting to ban bump stocks 

3. Our $21 trillion dollar national debt

4. The unjust incarceration rates regarding the war on drugs

5. The unconstitutional FISA courts

6. Crony gerrymandering

7. Is Obamacare still around or not?

8. Why isn't Hillary in jail yet

9. The sinister Commission on Presidential Debates

10. Cities banning guns entirely

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Nicely ordered as well. I sort of wish conservatives were all about conserving money on military extravaganzas going on all over the world.
Oh yeah, and I love the Obamacare thing, it seems to have become an issue that has not been brought up again. Is it gonna be a 3rd rail in politics like Social Security one day? Actually it’ll still be a issue for Democrat presidential nominees to campaign on, since its not really gone, it’s just been Executive ordered away.....sort of.....not really.

Obamacare is almost in some weird limbo state of sorts...