US sanctions against Venezuela: Pence

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US Vice President Mike Pens said, despite the release of a US prisoner and his wife, the ban on Venezuela remains intact.

Today's announcement was made on Mike Pence's announcement in a BBC Online report on Sunday.
Venezuela released US citizen Jose Holland and his wife Tomi Kendallo on Saturday. Candole Venezuelan Citizens.
After the release, the couple came to Venezuela from the US Senator Bob Corker from Venezuela. Corkar mediated on their release
After coming to the United States, Holt met with President Donald Trump on the White House. imageHalt returned to the United States with his family and expressed tension in the tweet by US Vice President Mike Pence. But also said, US sanctions will be run on Venezuela until democracy is not returned.
Holt couple was arrested in Cancello's family home in Caracas, Venezuelan capital of 2016. They were waiting for the US visa. But they were arrested on charges of hiding arms. Later, two people were sentenced to two years.
US Senator Bob Corker met Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday. After Holt couple got released. He returned home with them.
Holt went to Caracas in June 2016 to marry the Venezuelan girlfriend Kendallo. image

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