North Korea Trump does not have to make hasty decisions

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imageIn the last week, there was a lot to be worried about. North Korea is not; Rather, the Americans put the Korean peninsula at risk of nuclear weapons freezing. After all these years, when North Korea is sincerely seeking a settlement meeting, it will definitely be a great mistake to lose that opportunity. As Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, 'America should take this opportunity to serve peace.'

But sadly, Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton has put a big deal of trouble in saying 'unilateral nuclear disarmament' and 'Libya model'.
When the United States and North Korean conferences were decided, the embarrassing and inexplicable task of bringing Libyan disarmament agreements signed in 2003, and the sad consequences of Gaddafi's fate, in 2003. The introduction of these unpopular topics only can do harm to the potential congress.
Trump administration came forward in the Korean peninsula a great deal of trillions of tensions lasting decades. It is not right to miss out on such an opportunity by listening to any bad advice. Pyongyang has been very encouraged to discuss logical demands.
They said, if Washington pledged to give security to North Korea, then Kim Jong-un agreed to stop the nuclear weapons program. They said that they do not want anything outside a contract. They want a trustworthy deal that will protect them from future threats to the United States. They want this pledge from Trump that the United States will not be the cause of the collapse of the North Korean regime in the future.
Kim Jong-un told him about his position on Mar 6 through South Korean President He said in a statement that if a military threat is lifted from North Korea and his security is guaranteed, then there is no reason to keep his nuclear weapons. This is the proposal offered by North Korea to the negotiation table. But the people who give advice to Trump can not understand it or not.
Beijing can understand well the significance and symbolic importance of a peace agreement. Beijing has repeatedly told the United States to move the Korean Peninsula with the strategy of peace establishment in this region, free from nuclear weapons. If the United States asks North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons unilaterally, then there will be no agreement. Pyongyang has always been saying that they are willing to give up nuclear weapons through a series of contractual agreements, which will be able to establish permanent peace throughout the region. China's C China Ping and South Korea's Mune Je-in have also been asked.
North Korea has been ready for bargain. That does not mean that he is ready to surrender. North Korea has taken forward its nuclear weapons program in 2016 and 2017, to understand this situation.
For this reason, the country will unilaterally withdraw its weapons operations without any guarantee of safety, it would be foolish to think. Most importantly, it is now a nuclear-capable country. Pyongyang's skyline differing with Pyongyang in the past In addition, according to Western views, Kim Jong-un is far more talented than his father Kim Jong-il, much smarter and modern.
The only way to liberate North Korea from nuclear weapons is to remove the military threat from permanently and to end the war with the assurance of safety. If the advisers of the trumpet do not give him the slightest admonition or he can not listen to them, then he may have a historic settlement with North Korea.
In 1953, the US forces, the Korean People's Army and the Chinese People's Volunteer Army jointly signed a ceasefire agreement. Through this, the Korean War stopped. In view of the reduction of the deaths of war temporarily and permanently creating an environment for war, the ceasefire was carried out. It was said, if the situation is cold, then all parties will be able to reach a permanent agreement.
But after one year, the United States in Geneva Convention said they would not be in any such agreement. US Secretary of State Foster Dulce, known as anti-communist, left without passing the hand with China's Foreign Minister Chou En-Lai. Since then, negotiations with North Korea have been suspended.
In the beginning of 2012, Kim Jong-un has talked about peace talks at least five events since being the leader of North Korea. Now that kind of a discussion is just fine. But the fear is that before being discussed, North Korea is being asked to leave the nuclear weapon unilaterally without ensuring its security.
Washington will have to move quickly from this position. Otherwise, the possibility of trump-poll meetings will be in jeopardy. And if this meeting really broke down, there would be a great danger for the Korean peninsula. It would be difficult to get rid of the danger from the United States.
Taken from Al Jazeera. Translated from English
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