Bonne chance, France: Complete #MacronLeaks are now distributed via IPFS! — Steemit

Bonne chance, France: Complete #MacronLeaks are now distributed via IPFS!

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On the eve of the French Presidential Election the complete Macron documents are now available via IPFS. IPFS, the Interplanteary File System, is essentially used to host files on a distributed network which enables a more secure, permanent solution for file hosting than traditional websites. Unlike most online archive projects such as Wayback Machine, archived files cannot simply be deleted as they are present on several nodes throughout the IPFS network (much in the same way as they are here on Steemit).

The following IPFS gateway can be used to download the complete Macron documents (over 9GB) as a single compressed archive.

Note: The file may need to be downloaded or opened as a .zip

More in-depth analysis of the leaks themselves soon, but WikiLeaks has posted a number of Tweets suggesting the reality and implications of these leaks, including that Macron himself has even confirmed their authenticity. It has also been discovered that Russian text appears in some of the files, albeit it is unsure what this exactly means yet. French researchers, as well as myself, have expressed some doubts as to the Russian claim in light of Vault 7 and WikiLeaks' earlier releases of French election tampering by the CIA.

Are these real Russians or just CIA UMBRAGE operatives?

Good luck and godspeed, France!

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wikileaks WikiLeaks tweeted @ 05 May 2017 - 22:22 UTC

Macron confirms #MacronLeaks
Vague claims of fakes was also tried by Clinton. Which?

dbertho David Bertho 🇪🇺 tweeted @ 06 May 2017 - 01:02 UTC

@WCM_JustSocial @50uf1ane @hdjebar @GNR311 @MLP_officiel Il y a des fichiers xslx dans une des archives. Ouvrez les……

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Its good to know its on the IPFS network.
What is the ideal opsec solution regarding downloading from there?

Here this is what I have been following over the last 24 hours


I personally packed them together and scanned the files, so there's that, but as far as other opsec I'd say use a VPN still if you have it.

Regardless I still think downloading from IPFS is a step more secure than simply torrenting from a magnet link.


Cool. Thanks. I knew you would be safe.
Good stuff. I shall have a go at setting a vpn up later. I use tor so do you have any tips in setting one up with tor.


As for free and open solutions for VPN I would have to recommend SoftEther. It's pretty easy to use and set up.

My suggestion: Set up the VPN and get it working before using Tor for the download.


Thanks a lot this is a great starting point.